Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday! Well, is that really even a thing unless you’re on vacay? LOLZ Nevertheless here we are.

This past weekend was a good one mixed with productivity and laziness. Best kind.

First I’ll start though by asking for some prayers please. D’s sister’s husband was hospitalized last Wednesday for rhabdomyolysis. This is when a muscle tear occurs that leads to proteins leaking into the bloodstream and kidneys. It’s so scary! He said he went to bed feeling perfectly fine only to wake up a little later with excruciating pain in his shoulder. After trying to treat it all night, he decided to go to the ER. He was hospitalized from Wednesday to today and now will have to see his doctor for follow-ups. Praying it heals quickly without surgery!

Friday I got home from work and immediately soaked in the bath with tons of lavender epson salt. me hahahahahahaha

On Saturday, I met up with kor to have brunch at Paysan Bread & Bagels! It was my second time visiting and her first. I enjoyed the asiago bagel with honey pecan (pronounced pee-can) cream cheese. Delish!

Later D and I were able to visit my brother-in-law in the hospital and enjoyed spending time with him!

After our visit, we hit up Chipotle for a late lunch. Mmmm…I got the salad with sofritas, fajita veg, black beans, cheeeeese, queso and guac.

Once fueled, we hit up Home Depot for some mulch. It was only $2 per bag! Once home, we got to work spreading it out in our front yard gardens. They are looking so spiffy now! Can’t wait for the beautiful azalea blooms! I also added some soil to my succulent babies and brought them outside.

I also want to show off my cute wreath I purchased from Joann’s Craft Store about a month or so ago. Isn’t she a cutie?? For dinner I whipped up a super yummy smoothie topped with Cherrios and chocolate chippies. The rest of the evening and Sunday early afternoon was spent on chores and changing out my wardrobe to my spring/summer stuff.

To break the fast on Sunday morning, I made toast: one slice had a generous amount of smashed avocado and some freshly ground salt and pepper on top, the other slice had cheddar cheese and peanut butter. Now before you go all Ewwww on me, consider how nuts and cheese are a happy culinary marriage so this isn’t actually all that strange. Give it a try!

Kori and I enjoyed a super tough and amazing Barre3 class together from 4:00-5:00, then D and I headed to our weekly family Sunday dinner.

The last “chore” I did Sunday night was purchase two espresso colored wooden shoe racks from Tarjay that I assembled alllll by mah-self. Pretty proud of that. This photo is kind of subpar but you get the gist and I’m so happy to have my shoes so neatly organized and stored.

That brings us to the present! Please let me know what fun things you did over the weekend!

8 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings

  1. Praying praying for D’s sister’s husband— that is so scary. How is he doing?

    That lavender meme is SO accurate.

    OOoooo asiago and honey sounds like a great sweet/savory combo. Just loveee these pics of you two!!!

    That wreath is perfection for spring!!! I loveeee it. JoAnne’s for the win!

    Oh my gosh- genius idea about the cheese/pb. I will definitely try this sometime! I actually just had a slice of avocado toast & was considering a slice of PB too. This confirmed that I must. Lol. If only I had cheddar to add to it!

    Yaass, organization is the best! When the semester ends I want to go into a full out organization mode. Thanks for sharing, Kaci! Loved reading this recap.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s doing okay but in a lot of pain. 😦

      Right?! So.accurate.

      It was perfectly sweet and savory! Thank you!!

      Joanne’s has an app too so you can always find a coupon. #grannystatus lol

      I’m so glad you will try it!! It really is so delicious and filling!

      I love being clean and organized!


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your house is adorable & that bagel looks & sounds so scrummy!! I love your sunglasses & that lavender meme is cracking me up. 😂

    Hope your husband’s sister’s husband has been healing up nicely & won’t be needing surgery!

    Always love reading your li’l updates. ♡ Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! We love our house. 😄 Right?! It feels like I need that much lavender these days. Ha!

      I appreciate that! He’s recovering slowly but surely, and his doctor is pretty certain he won’t need surgery!!

      Have a great day sweet girl!

      Liked by 1 person

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