I won the lottery!!

April Fools! Oh man, did I get ya or what?! I know, I know, I’m clever beyond my years. I’m waiting for my call to do standup. Should be any day now…

I did win the lottery with these 2 goobs and my sweet 3 purrbabies, Rachel, Mason, and Jackson though!! Saturday, the boys and I decided to hike a new to us spot, Haw Ridge. We covered about 3.5 miles, but it was 75° so we were huffing and puffing by the end! I found the “Skinny D” trail to be pretty funny. Ha! always smooches for his mama ❤️

I decided to try to do more like GypsyRD & document some of my fun noms. 😊

Post hike noms from a newer local bakery named Paysan Bread. I tried the lox on pumpernickel and wowzers it was delish! Dinner was this huge smoothie! I think it had mixed tropical fruit, oats, kale, yogurt, local Cruze Farm milk, and topped with pb and granola. Mmmm mmm On Sunday, our sweet neighbors hosted a fun lunch cookout and pup playdate! They invited some other neighbor friends of ours so all 4 pups played their hearts out and we were treated to some of the best hamburgers I’ve ever eaten and peach cobbler. So freaking delicious and even more importantly, so great to have several amazing neighbors! Sadly they are moving in June for schooling but plan to move back in 2 years. I’ve been pretty bad lately on meal planning soooo lunch today was a treat at Wild Love Bakehouse. Ham and cheese goodness with some seriously decadent kettle chippies. A little fashion for ya:

I love this sweater because it reminds me of my mama! It was a no-wash hair day so a topknot and headband did the trick. Any one else lovinggggg the midi length trend? I snagged this cute skirt for major sale on Loft’s website and am loving the comfort and versatility. *please excuse the wet hair…some days I try not to dry it to avoid too much heatAnd that’s a wrap! Please tell me all about your fun weekends!

9 thoughts on “I won the lottery!!

  1. I seriously hee-hawed at your title & opener! But we seriously did win the lottery with our hubs & the babies!!

    I so need to get Matt & myself out there with you guys! Your hikes always look amazing. “Skinny D” hahahaha ‘twas meant to be!

    I’m so jelly you got to try Paysan without me! We must have a twin date stat. That hamburglar looks marvelous as does your WLB sandwich! 🍔🥯🥪

    Love love your fashion! That sweater does remind me of Mama. ❤️ Give me all the midi dresses & skirts! You are so pretty. 🥰

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  2. LOL, girl you got me!! April Fools Day is the worst day for me because I’m so stinkin’ gullible. And yet- you’re so right, you aren’t totally kidding with your beautiful fam 🙂 I always adore your hike photos- they remind me so much of home. Pumpernickel & lox sounds like the best combo ever created— pumpernickel is one of my favorite breads & lox is one of my favorite meals, so I’m sorta in a quandary as to why I’ve never had them together before??! I must get on this!

    All this food is making my mouth water. Oh my gosh I LOVEEE the midi length trend too! I am stoked that it’s in style.

    Such a fun post! I hope work is going a bit better! Have such a great rest of the week, Kaci 🙂

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    1. Ha!! I am too so I’m right there with ya.

      I got lucky to pick the combo because pumpernickel was the only bagel flavor they had left, & after the first bite, I realized it was the perfect flavors mixed together!

      Yes I am too! The midi length is just so fun & kind of a vintage look to me, so I’m very happy it’s in style now.

      Today actually marks 3 months since my first day. Crazy! Some days it’s ROUGH and some days it’s decent. I’m finding the job (like many I’m sure) just never has a straightforward task. Everything ends up being so intricate/super difficult even if it seems like it shouldn’t be. Funny story for ya: today about 10 minutes before I was to leave, I got an email that also included the girl training me. It stated that tomorrow we were to call someone before lunch. I seriously do not know how I missed the word “tomorrow”, even after looking at the email twice, so I asked her if he meant for us to call tomorrow. Yea that was sooooo smooth of me. *face palm emoji* sigh…I think my brain is just so frazzled sometimes I end up missing the silliest things. Just gotta laugh though I suppose. I’m sure she was like “yea this girl is an idiot” lolz

      Thank you for the sweet message and for wishing me well! You are so kind and always brighten my day. Have a great week too Mack!!

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      1. Oh no way! I’m surprised that wasn’t on their menu- but what a great combo!

        Okay this situation you just described I could name 19398x I have done the same thing!!! I swear, when you are under stress your brain just can’t think as clearly & it’s harder to see those little things. I’m sure she didn’t think about it twice! When I first started my job I wrote “Healthcare” in an e-mail… then googled it and the company (that I worked for—spelled it Health Care”… I was so frazzled that I e-mailed my manager saying I meant to say “Health care” instead of “Healthcare” and she just replied, “Ok.” Talk about overthinking/embarrassing yourself. I came off like a HOT mess for the first six-eight months. Then slowwwwly I could feel myself gaining that respect. It’ll happen for you! And no one will remember these super minor mistakes. Someone also said something to me that really helped— think about all the embarrassing things you’ve done in your life (you could probably name a bunch off the top of your head)… now name something embarrassing someone else has done. It is extremely hard, isn’t it?! Ok I’ll stop rambling, but thanks for sharing with me. Hope the rest of the week goes extremely well 🙂

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      2. OH MY GOSH you have just made me feel SO much better!!!! I overthink ever-y-thing anyway so moments like this are made 10x worse in my head! I would have done the same thing you did and the response of “Ok” would’ve really added to my worry. Ha! Funny story for ya for the same thing: we have casual Friday and of all the 7 years I’ve worked here, I have never worn distressed jeans (they are against policy). One Friday I couldn’t find a single other pair of clean jeans so I decided to wear my one and only distressed pair (read: 2 really small spots that aren’t even see-through holes) thinking what’s the harm? Guess who I rode the elevator with when I arrived….the flippin CEO!!! I was mortified. I emailed my Portfolio Manager who was out of the office for a work-related trip to let him know in case something came of it. Well, the CEO never said anything so I made a massive mountain out of a mole hill. hahahahaha

        Oh gosh your advice about embarrassing moments is incredible! How have I never thought of this before?? Man you have helped a ton. Thank you!

        I hope you have the best end of the week! xoxo

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      3. Awww I’m so glad this helped! I feel like you and I are very similar in that way, so I’m sooo happy to pass on that little tidbit that has helped me tremendously!

        Girl, yesss oh my gosh, I would have done the SAME thing about the jeans. That’s sooo funny. The “making a mountain out of a mole hill” could be called a literal syndrome for us over-thinkers- lol!!! Ok, I’m so comforted that I’m not alone in this. Any time we start getting in our own heads about these things we’ll just have to share them with one another to have a good laugh. Hope you have had the best week too & weekend to come. This week flew, but it’s FRIYAY!!! xo

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