What time is it?

Hey everyone! So, I apologize for kind of taking unplanned breaks in posting. When I started this blog, I wanted all of my content to be organic rather than forced so sometimes I’m just having gaps in what I want to share.

An update on my new job: thus far, I’m feeling pretty stressed and overwhelmed (read: I’m waking up most mornings dreaming about work and clenching my jaw…). Basically, I am trying to learn a loan originations software (developed by my company and the department I am now in), our loan originations process, and technical specs writing all at once. Needless to say, I am feeling nervous, challenged & truthfully dumb. I feel like I’m not really grasping a bunch and while everyone keeps saying to pretty much just throw caution to the wind and take chances at trying to complete some task, I keep getting frozen with fear and rather than having specific questions to ask my coworkers, I feel like saying “I don’t understand or know what I’m doing, help”, but I don’t really feel like I can say that. This truly is such a challenging time for me and hope and pray it pans out. I am ready to feel normal (or normal for me 😉) again.

Onto some pawsitive things meow! D and I attended a wedding yesterday for one of D’s childhood friend’s, and who D lived with for several years while we were dating. It was a black tie optional wedding so I did some shopping (always good when you have an excuse to shop!) and landed on this wine colored wide leg jumpsuit from Nordstrom. It was such a fab purchase! I love the high neck front and open back (very similar to my wedding dress ❤️). Sadly I didn’t get a full picture of the front or back because we were running a little behind and couldn’t do a little photoshoot, but you can see some of the front and back in these photos. I also purchased some gold faux leather block heels from DSW that I really like (I’m including a stock photo of them). Because it was a fancy shmancy event, I decided to wear my wedding earrings and bracelet again and D just so happened to wear his wedding suit. 😄 It was a fun evening and a beautiful wedding! Today the sun was FINALLY out! First on the agenda was brunch at Wild Love Bakehouse where D and I split their special focaccia, blood orange cornmeal pastry and a caramelized croissant type pastry. YUM We then hit some trails at Ijams Nature Center! We coverer about 4.5 miles and my legs are feeling it. The ground is total mush so you have to try extra hard while hiking so you don’t fall. I hope you all have had a fabulous and refreshing weekend!

10 thoughts on “What time is it?

  1. Oh Boo, I so understand your fear! But they should be offering much better, official training. I pray this week brings success & improvements for you!

    I enjoyed the blood orange cornmeal cake on Valentine’s Day. It’s so good! Those other pastries look amazing too 🤤

    I was just telling Matt we need to go to Ijam’s, the Arboretum, & House Mountain! We didn’t cover as much ground at Biltmore. Matt’s steps app says 3.0 miles. We spent a lot time in the car on our 🍑🍑 Love this post!!!

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  2. Girl, no worries at all about the unplanned blog breaks- we allll need them. Life is life & it just gets in the way sometimes! Taking care of you & your happenin’s first is most important. BUT I am stoked to see this post from you 🙂

    BUT (lotsa “buts” in here) …. I am so sorry you are still having a rough time with this new gig. It sounds TOUGH & like they are lacking support (not that you lack the skills!). I have no doubts that you will get the hang of it after a while (but it’s unfortunate that they aren’t more supportive!!)- gosh, I relate to that feeling you described sooo much. Starting something new as an adult is so stinking hard- I don’t remember it being this hard growing up?! But (another “but”)… you are such a hard worker and I can’t wait to hear how competent you feel here soon (it will happen!! ). <— external processing at its finest hahah.

    Meow, on another note, I am obsessed with your outfit for the wedding- purrrr-fec-tion. (someone stop me), (no actually don’t!)

    Those pastries!!!!! One after another is making me obnoxiously drool. Thanks for sharing, Kaci. I love hearing how honestly everything is going & what you’ve been up to. Keep us posted when you can, and I send HUGE hugs in light of this tough transition!

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    1. Thank you so much!! I mean, I am very appreciative of the business for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. I have wanted more of a “career” since before now, it’s felt more of just a job, but this transition is for sure testing me. From talking to coworkers in various departments, basically the only department that offers training was my previous department. All other jobs, including my new one, are kind of “throw ya in and learn as fast as you can”, which is a struggle for me. Not to mention, after taking this job and after having several rough interactions with the girl that’s the senior level to my position, I am told by multiple coworkers that’s she’d known to be tough to work with and can have a negative attitude 😒 so that’s added another level of challenge. BUT (here I go with the buts! teehee) life isn’t always easy, so I’m going to try hard to take a step back and try to be more patient with myself.

      I hope you are having a wonderful weekend thus far!! xoxo

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      1. Ohhh, I see.. that makes sense about the advancement of the department you’re in & then lack of training … like it kinda falls through the cracks since it’s a different level. still a bummer! Those sink or swim situations are seriously sooo overwhelming, but you WILL swim!! Giving yourself grace is definitely the most important thing you can do. I learned that big time through my adjustment in nursing- it really does change everything when you aren’t hard on yourself & lessens that anxiety! And It will only be a manner of time before the coworkers give you the respect you deserve & y’all develop rapport among one another too. Keep me posted ❤ ❤


    2. Somehow my screen didn’t show your whole comment! whoops!

      Thank you! It is a surprisingly comfy jumpsuit & with a little cardigan or jean jacket, it will be work appropriate so win win! I always want to buy things that I can wear many times so this turned out purrrrfect. 😉

      Those pastries were all soooooo amazing! I was kind of sad I split them with D. bahahahaha Just means we’ll have to go back soon!

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