Bagels & Blue Skies

Yesterday was the Saturdays I live for. After getting such a wonderful amount of sleep and cuddles with Axl Rose, I jumped out of bed, readied myself and headed for K-Brew to get my beloved cold brew and try their brand new made in-house bagels! A little backstory: when they first opened, they brought in bagels from a bagel shop in Oak Ridge that were so delicious, especially when paired with their incredible coffee. Sadly, this ceased and the community has missed the bagels ever since. A few months ago, K-Brew announced they were not only opening a location in West Knoxville but were going to start making their own bagels! *cue the happy tears* This location isn’t up and running just yet, but they are already making bagels and selling them at their North Knoxville location, which is the one near my house. When I arrived, the line was practically out of the door! Knoxvillians LOVE our K-Brew. ❤️ I’m so so excited for this amazing business and so incredibly thankful to the two brothers that took a leap of faith in opening it. I have travelled far and wide trying many local coffeeshops and nothing even comes close to K-Brew’s quality. If you are in the area or traveling (heck you NEED to travel just for K-Brew), make sure you stop in. I tried the sesame bagel with Benton’s bacon and chive cream cheese and Mmmm mmmm mmmm! Look how much cream cheese they give, ain’t nobody got time for just a sliver of cream cheese.

After properly fueling our bellies and putting the liquid gold in our systems, it was time to take it to the house, take it to the house…House Mountain that is! The sun was shining brighter than it had in a while, and I was giddy with excitement to get out in it.

According to D’s watch, we covered a little over 4 miles of basically straight up and straight down trails and man did it feel sooooo goooood. The sky was an endless vision of beautiful crisp winter blue with soft white fluffy clouds adorning it and sunshine beaming down on us covering us in a blanket of warmth. It was a stark difference in temps compared to Max Patch making it almost feel fall-like! With each step I could feel the stress from the previous week leave my body and my soul swell with joy.

As always, I snapped photos along the way because it is just too beautiful to not capture. Multiple fellow hikers also commented on how cute and handsome Axl is, and I have to agree. 😉 Axl loves giving and receiving kisses! a huge icicle D spottedHappy Sunday friends!

7 thoughts on “Bagels & Blue Skies

  1. I so wish I could’ve been in two places at once!! These photos! Kase, they’re amazing. Bucket List: double date hike at both Max Patch & House Mountain, twin K brew dates at both locations, our upcomimg Cinnebarre ‘sperience (!), DIY date in, & Paysan Bakery. This will be our year of even more fun!!

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  2. Aw looks like such a perfect way to spend a weekend!!! That is so exciting about the K-brew bagels- woohoo! That seriously looks & sounds delicious. These pictures are so incredible & crisp- what a perfect hike. I can’t get over these views!! Thanks for sharing- give Axl a hug for me- I’m dying to just reach out and cuddle him!!

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    1. I may or may not have gotten bagels 3 times already…ha!

      I couldn’t stop snapping pictures because it was too pretty not to!

      I will! Axl loves hugs and kisses so he’ll appreciate it! 😉 It always makes me feel so good to get him outside and plenty of exercise because a tired pup is a happy pup!

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