On the hunt for winter.

Good afternoon everyone! The sun is shining so bright today but sadly, it’s freezing so no outside activities for me while in my work clothes. However, yesterday, D, Axl, and I ventured to Max Patch! We haven’t been able to spend much time outside in what feels like forever because it has basically rained non-stop for the majority of this month, which definitely makes for some cabin fever and a sad pup. This winter has also been so mild in the Knoxvegas area. On the one hand it’s kind of nice cause you don’t freeze your buns off every time you go outside. On the other hand, it’s not very nice because it’s important for Mother Nature to do her thang each season in order to keep every season as it should be. I’d rather have a cold winter if that means less bugs and a less intense summer so I say bring on those lower temps.

About a week ago, D and I decided we’d keep an eye on the weather in the mountains and if able, we’d head up for a nice hike because we just had to get outside. Sunday morning we got up, fueled with a yummy breakfast of bagels, eggs and sausage and then headed out. Our departure time was a little later than we had planned and the trip took longer than normal because of the snow once we started up the mountain, which shortened our hiking time, but it was still an amazing trip. Once parked, we bundled up (I wore 6 layers…hahaha I don’t mess around in the cold) and started a 2ish mile hike. We were a little nervous about Axl’s paws because we don’t have puppy boots for him, but we did put his vest on and kept an eye on him to make sure he wasn’t uncomfortable. After just a few minutes outside, he became acclimated and LOVED the snow! In fact, he kept nosediving into it to eat some, each time coming up with a snow mustache. Cutest.thing.ever. I think the temperature ended up being around 16 degrees and the windchill even less. However, when the wind didn’t blow it didn’t feel bad at all. I actually started sweating while hiking without the wind. This is the coldest hike I have ever done, and I’m proud to say I not only survived but enjoyed it! D and my father-in-law LOVE winter backpacking so I have had to learn to pull my weight during winter (I mean I doubt I will ever winter backpack because I’m sorry, but that sounds miserable), but I want to embrace being outside no matter the time of year. I also have to give my father-in-law a major shout-out because for several Christmas’, he has gifted various wintertime hiking clothing to make my layering possible.Yes we match and yes I love it. 🙂After our hike on the first trail, we drove up to my in-laws cabin, and she looked so pretty with the snow coverage. After lunch, I setup my phone to get a family shot and then we hit one more small trail before heading back. Axl slept the whole way home, devoured his food once we got home from our family dinner, and then made sure to wake me up at 5:00 am because he needed to go to the bathroom. ha silly pup These are my new prescription sunnies from eyebuydirect.com! They have the mirrored lenses I love so much and in a very pretty amber color. Obsessed. My dudes!I mean I can’t with this face. Allllllll the heart eyes! This face says “mom I’m over the pictures. My butt is cold so stop it” Can’t stop won’t stop though.

On two different notes, I am loving this new turtleneck from Val’s that I snagged on sale! Another awesome purchase is this bathroom shelf and towel rack setup, faux succulents and decorative sign. I used my Christmas Amazon gift card to purchase these items (the succulents came in a set of 5), and I’m stoked with how it looks in our master bathroom.Tell me, are you a winter or summer person?


11 thoughts on “On the hunt for winter.

  1. I love love love all of your Max Patch photos!!! They are stunning, and I’m so proud of you! I am not sure if I could hike in those conditions, but you are awesome, Boo! I’m a summer person (you know that), but I love winter fashion and food!

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  2. I am def a summer person but I totally agree that mother nature needs to do her thing.

    Axl is just so darn cute! I love reading about his antics & seeing all the photos of him. ♡ The new turtleneck you got is adorable, too!

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    1. I love summer activities & cute rompers but dislike sweating uncontrollably when I’m trying to be cute. Ha! Fall is my all-time fav time of year, but I think I am coming around to liking winter a little!

      Thank you!! He’s such a pup model. 😍 I appreciate that! I love turtlenecks but never seem to find many.

      Have a great day!!

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      1. Hahaha yes, I hate the sweating uncontrollably part too! But… I hate shivering even more! Fall is such a nice time of the year! I see why it’s your fave. 🙂

        Hope you have a great day & rest of your weekend!! ❤


  3. Ahhh I am LIVING for these snow pics. So dang beautiful. Those sunglasses are awesome- and prescription? Such a great find! Oh Axl ❤ You know how I feel! Love that turtleneck- the color is amazing & you put together that outfit so well. I would say I am more a summer person, I get seasonal affective disorder pretty bad (even living in Cali – which makes it better!), but overall I am an autumn girl through and through! Have a great weekend, Kaci! xo

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    1. The snow was so beautiful!! So peaceful & all we could hear was the gentle cracking of the snow on the trees as they swayed side to side. I wish we had had more time that day to hike further because it was incredible.

      Thank you! I have basically stopped wearing contacts because they always ended up bothering my eyes so I’m excited to finally have a pair of sunnies. 😎

      Axl was SO excited about the snow! He didn’t love me making him stop for photos but I just can’t help it.

      Yes fall is my number 1 favorite time of year!

      I hope you have the best weekend. XO

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