Everything but the kitchen sink

Helloooooooo folks! I took an accidental hiatus but am here to recap some fun happenings over the last month!

Back on December 23rd (or Christmas Eve Eve), kor, Matt, D, and I ventured out to Cruze Farm’s main location to watch A Christmas Story on their drive-in projection screen! I believe this is a new activity they have started where they feature certain movies for folks to watch for free by just parking in their lot. D and I nommed on some of their delicious pizza and free cheese bread before climbing into our car with our Ovaltine hot chocolate to watch the movie. It’s one of the best and funniest Christmas movies, and I really loved watching it on “the big screen”.Christmas Eve included our annual beautiful church service followed by delicious noms at my sister-in-law’s house! This time she did a phenomenal cheese and crackers spread complete with sausage, fruit, and cookies galore.

Next up was Christmas! We spend Christmas with D’s fam every year because my family lives in Texas, but thanks to Facetime and the newest group Facetime feature, we were able to see everyone. 🙂 It’s generally low key. Wake up to my mother-in-law’s tasty breakfast casserole and some coffee while lounging in the living room together. Once showered, my sister-in-law, her hubs and the kids come over to spend the afternoon. We first open stockings, then the kids play Santa passing out the gifts. I think this is my favorite Christmas to date. It was just an all around great day with everyone healthy and happy.

One of the absolute best gifts D and I received was this TN puzzle from my mother-in-law! It was SO much fun to put together, and we were able to frame that sucker without gluing it. win winOn December 29th, D, Axl, and I went for an evening hike on Sharp’s Ridge near our house, and it was so peaceful. The *only* sad part about it was we had actually gone with the hope of finding Axl’s e-collar remote that we had lost on Christmas Eve when we went hiking earlier in the day before having to go to church. We didn’t find it, but we gave 100% effort in our search and got another enjoyable hike out of it.New Year’s Eve was a super rainy gross day, but that seems to be the trend lately. I miss the sun! D and I had dinner reservations at Bravo, which was super tasty, and then we met kor, and Matt at the downtown Cruze Farm for some ice cream and sparkly sprinkles. It was packed but we luckily scored a good booth to sit in for a while and chat. kor purchased a Polaroid camera on Amazon, so we also had fun testing it out.Saturday January 5th was actually sunny! *cue the utter surprise* kor and I planned to go get manis and pedis at our favorite salon since our Christmas nails were pretty much a disaster. To explain, kor and I went to a salon where a lady does really intricate designs to try something new. The designs she did for both of us were phenomenal, but my gel nails started chipping the VERY next day. Talk about being pissed.  We had fun trying the designs but will stick to our salon from now on.This was the design mani. I asked for a mountain design, and did love how it turned out. 

Ferocious Jackson! 😉

Saturday, January 12th was another twinkie evening. :)) kor and I ventured back to the main Cruze Farm location (are we seeing a pattern? Ha!) to watch The Jungle Book on their drive-in! We made a full date out of it by splitting a salad, pizza, and ice cream. While there, we both snagged this aww-dorable midi-length black and white checked dress, and I just love it. It’s different, and I just love trying new things and feeling zero pressure to wear or do what’s considered “cool”. Know what I mean jelly beans?Last fun thing I want to mention is that my sweet daddio and step-mama gave Amazon gift cards for Christmas, and I swear there is nothing more fun than shopping with a gift card! It feels so exciting to be able to buy fun and frilly things for yourself and it’s always exciting to get a package on your doorstep. One thing I purchased was this gorgeous macrame wall hanging. D was so sweet and went to Home Depot with me to purchase a dowel rod for around $3 and Wal-Mart so I could pick up the faux ivy and succulents. It took some trial and error to get the greenery to stay on the rod (D is a genius and put 2 small nails in the rod to act as stoppers to keep the rope in place) and then we hung it up in our guest room! I love the boho vibe and the addition of the greenery for texture. The 2 framed prints are from Etsy, and I think the whole room now flows well and is tied together.Well that just about sums up the happy parts of the last month! I will say that I have (like I assumed I would) had a somewhat tough transition into my new position. I feel nervous and overwhelmed with all of the material. I keep telling myself that any job takes time, and being that I’ve only been in my new position not quite 2 weeks, it seems normal to feel lost. I just crave feeling confident and am really hoping I can catch on to quite a bit in the coming months.

I hope this blog post finds everyone well. Sending love to everyone that takes the time to read my little corner of the interwebs. xo

3 thoughts on “Everything but the kitchen sink

  1. Take me back to the holiday season!!! It sure was epic and my favorite yet, all thanks to Matt, you, and Drew. I love this recap, and I have been missing my dose of Basic Keesh. All is right with the world meow. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! Hang in there, pookie. Rachel, Mason, Jackson, and Axl are all rooting for you!!

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  2. Wohoo! So excited to see this post from you. Watching A Christmas Story right before Christmas at a drive-in with hot chocolate sounds amazing! Y’all could make that a tradition! I loved reading that it was your favorite Christmas yet I’m honored for a peak into it! Looks so fun – everyone is smiles & joy all around! Okay, I swear Axl could be a model dog for calendars or cards haha- seriously such a precious lil’ pup.

    Woah woah woah that mountain manicure is too cool! LOVE the green color too.

    I totally know what you mean, jelly bean, and I do the same thing! Owning fashion choices that aren’t considered main stream is so empowering. I loveee that dress you chose too. It’s super cute.

    That pizza! That ice cream!! Those boho vibes!!!!! Ahh.

    I’m sure you will feel better in no time flat! I hope even after this week you are already feeling more confident. Keep us posted- I know this transition time can be tough. Thanks for sharing this- so fun to read, Kaci ❤

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    1. I so hope to make it one! It was so exciting to be out & about doing fun Christmas things & supporting a local business. 😄 Haha yessssss Axl could rock Hallmark! He needs to get a job to bring in some extra cash too. 😝

      I lovedddddddd it! Just wish the other designed fingernail hadn’t chipped. It was still super fun to have that nail color & design tho! #worthit

      Yes exactly!! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good trend & my fav place to shop is a boutique that’s all about trendy items, but there is something extra exhilarating about finding a super unique piece. I love being different & willing to try new things! You know those memes where it’s like “I love your dress” & the response is “it has pcokets!” This is totally applicable. Ha!

      I am obsessed with our guest room! I kind of want to sleep in there one night just to enjoy it. I kind of went into the decor with no specific idea & over time have achieved something I really love.

      Thank you so so much!! I really appreciate your support. Big new things/changes always get me in a funk, & I dislike being totally wrong & lost but this is part of life so I’m doing my best to take it one day at a time & take some pressure off of myself. Tgif too!

      Have a great day sweet girl!


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