Shitter’s Full!

Happy Sunday Funday! Can y’all believe we are in the single digits until Christmas?? It makes me kind of sad. I’m not near ready for this magical time of year to come to a close! This past Friday we hosted a tacky sweater party! We have hosted a few times before but this time we added a twist with Kori and Matt being co-hosts, and I’m hoping to make it a Snider/Daniel annual event! I feel like every year, I’m saying “this holiday” or “this event topped last year’s”, which I think is a great thing!

Planning was really easy since we decided on a snack menu and thanks to kors suggestion, we made the main snack board festive by designing a Christmas tree with the noms. Pinterest success! I set out to ensure everything was gluten free so Matt could enjoy everything, & y’all, Trader Joe’s has the BEST crackers that are GF (you would never know!) and Sweet Loren’s GF ready to bake double fudge & sugar cookies are seriously the best cookies I have ever bought. Highly recommend even if you are not GF.

*side note: I registered for this cutting board for our wedding registry but did it online not realizing it is a heavy, massive beast. bahaha I was happy to have it now though since it was the perfect board for a party*

A while ago, I bought a shot glass from my fav coffeeshop, K-brew, for legit no reason other than I thought it was cute 😂 but it made a great toothpick holder for the olives! Kori made her amazing maple spiced mixed nuts! It’s a recipe she found years ago from a great registered dietitian on Food Network, Ellie Krieger. I also picked up some Cruze Farm eggnog & put it in my Cruze glass bottle that, you guessed it, I bought a while back cause I just loved it. lolz D dressed as Cousin Eddie from Christmas vacation by wearing my robe! HAHAHAHA I made my shirt & it says “fra-gee-lay that must be Italian”, and I bought my leg lamp patch on Etsy for less than $5. Easy & inexpensive tacky sweater. my fam 💕

Out of privacy for our guests that had children I won’t post photos of them but we had a blast decorating cookies and running a marathon through our house! There were 4 kiddos and our house is setup such that the guest bathroom is jack and jill to the guest room and kitchen so after cookies were consumed and kids were at an all-time sugar high, we ran probably a thousand laps through the house. Axl wasn’t sure what to make of it all and didn’t join the kids. Ha poor dude!

We are so thankful to have an incredible family and group of friends to enjoy life with. I savor the holidays and just love putting together events that brings everyone together.

Tonight we plan to drive around to look at Christmas lights after taking Axl to the dog park! Please tell me what festive things you have done!

4 thoughts on “Shitter’s Full!

  1. Matt & I are beyond grateful that you take the lead on these events & always do such a superb job planning & executing them! We had an absolute blast!! My favorite parts were seeing everyone’s awesome tacky best, watching the children have such a great time, & playing Heads Up with you, D, & Matt! I know that if my mascara starts to run from laughing so hard, that all is right in my little world. 😂 🥰


  2. Okayyy that charcuterie board is next level beautiful! What a wonderful party you hosted.. I loved seeing all the chosen sweaters. Yet somehow y’all still make them look cute! These photos just warm my heart. You killed the Ugly Sweater Christmas party hosting game- I’m coming to you for tips if I ever host one. Have a great week, Kaci!

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    1. Thank you thank you! That means a ton coming from you! I really love decorating and having a presentation so it was so exciting to design the party noms. Whoever invented tacky sweater parties deserves an award because they are always fun and never get old! Every year I think that’s what I look forward to most.


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