Fallin Behind

Hey hey! So I’m a bit delayed in posting about last weekend but I just must give a recap cause it was glorious!

So I think at this point it’s pretty obvs that I’m obsessed with all things fall and try to do allthefunthings before the weather gets too cold. My fam has been super busy this month andddddd I got the flu and D got strep the weekend before last (major sad face) so we barely made it in time to carve pumpies before Halloween!

My mother-in-law and father -in-law, sister-in law and brother-in-law, niece, nephew, twinkie, her hubs, D and myself along with the pups went out to our lake house on Sunday, the 28th to have a family fall “festival” andddd to celebrate my handsome fav’s 31st birthday! We have all gotten really good at planning get together’s, and I love how quickly we are able to coordinate who brings what to make everything come together quick and easy. Kori and Matt made a deeeelicious chili and cornbread for everyone complete with cheddah cheese, avocado, and Greek yogurt toppings, I made some extra cornbread since I had a box mix in my pantry, brought the pumpkins and s’mores supplies, and my mother-in-law brought snacks, drinks, and the birthday cake. The weather was beyond gorgeous (!) just insanely windy. Once everyone arrived, we took some photos (from the beginning of mine and D’s relationship, I self-nominated myself as the photographer for the family so I always make it a point to take a group photo and various photos throughout any event/vacay). Just look at those fall colors. *all the heart eyes*Once photos commenced, we headed indoors to carve to get out of the wind. Everyone came up with great designs and it was so much fun to see the kiddos clean and carve their pumpkins! Pipes wasn’t all about the slimy innards but Bay went at it 100%. haleft to right: my mother-in-law’s, Bay’s, mine, and Matt’s and Kori’s *Mario was a school project for Bay but he wanted to be in the picture*

After our artistic endeavor, we nommed on the chili outside since the wind had ceased leaving the perfect fall temp. Due to the time being later in the day and the previous wind, we were unable to build a legit bonfire but never fear, with my Eagle scout hubs and his dad, we had a redneck fire in no time. Ha! Side note, I made Pipes a s’more and then she proceeded to deconstruct it and try to clean her chocolate with a wipey because apparently all she wanted was chocolate. When you are a baby, wipies are life and can basically fix anything. bahahaOnce we ate that sugar, we moved on to more sugar! We just had to have s’mores because it’s a classic in the fall but D also deserved cake so it just had to happen! My mother-in-law made a phenomenal pumpkin bundt cake with icing, chocolate chips and candy corn on top. It.is.fantastic. She can do it all: cook, bake, sew, fix any problem…literally nothing she can’t do.After we elevated our blood sugars teehee, it was time for presents. With kids around, there tends to be tissue paper, bags and wrapping paper flying everywhere so it is definitely an exciting event even for a 31 year old.

With that, it was time to pack up, clean up and roll out to make our way home. I am so happy to say that this was everything I had hoped for and more for the perfect family fall day and I sure do love making memories and starting traditions with my family. I hope my niece and nephew will remember bits and pieces of these days when they get older and want to continue to do them for many years to come.

Please tell me if you’ve don’t anything fall themed lately! Haunted House? Carve pumpkins? Corn maze? I want to hear about it all!

9 thoughts on “Fallin Behind

  1. Take me back!!!! I so hope they remember these times too and want to continue the traditions that we start! This will absolutely be happening every year. I’m so grateful Matt and I could join. We had an absolute blast. We love our family. Susan’s cake was simply stunning and sooo tasty! The s’mores were oh so classic and delish, and I’m really glad that everyone loved the chili! Matt and I loved making it together. He got to stir to his heart’s content. Lolz. LOVE your photos! We have the pretties place ever. Maybe next year we can all go to a haunted house!


  2. Lol fallin’ behind…love it!

    Ahh I hope y’all are feeling 100% better by now. We didn’t even make it around to carving pumpkins this year! Eeek! A fall fest and birthday celebration sounds like the greatest time. Oh man now I’m craving cornbread! These pictures are tremendous- and Axl is just the most photogenic little pup ever. These pictures of all the fam are warming my heart!!!

    The s’mores! The cake!!! Oh man, what delicious treats. I’m sure your niece and nephew will remember this day forever- too fun and precious of memories to ever forget! Seriously looks like a PERFECT day 🙂

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    1. Thankfully we are back to 100%! I ended up getting laryngitis so that was fun…not. ha I legit could not talk for 2 days and when I tried, it hurt and caused me to have a coughing fit. Funny that I had that once I returned to work, but when I was in quarantine, I felt fine. *shoulder shrug*

      It was sooooo fun! I just love love love embracing the fall and holidays and want to try to do all the traditional things so I’m really thankful my fam goes along with it. I’m already planning for my tacky sweater party but still savoring every second of fall! I love to listen to Christmas music starting November 1st and get my Christmas decor up around Thanksgiving so I have plenty of time to enjoy it all but I always feel sad when fall is over. Fall is my favorite. That’s not obvious or anything is it? hahahahaha

      Thank you!! Axl Rose is just my favorite pup ever. He puts up with me taking pics of him all the time but I think he loves it cause he knows he’s pawesome.

      It ended up being fun combining fall festivities and D’s birthday! The cake was probably one of the best cakes I have ever eaten. We ate on it for days after. yumyumyum


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      1. yay! so glad you guys are feeling better 🙂 But isn’t that how it always is?! That happened to me last year at work too. We have the rolling computers and I remember legit laying on my computer while standing up because I barely had energy to make it another second. But I recovered pretty quick once I was home.

        Ahh sweater parties are my fave!! I just finalized my menu for thanksgiving, and I am giddy with excitement. Holiday season is the BEST! I feel like the rest of the year is just basically a lead up to the BEST part of the year. hah.

        He really is! haha- pawesome. Love it!

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      2. Oh my gosh that sounds terrible! It’s like once you are home and in your comfy space, you feel better and more at ease but at work or in public, there’s really nothing worse than feeling sick.

        Mine tooooo! We have a wonderful 2nd hand store (kor has found SO many epic pieces there) called Planet Xchange, and we found our sweaters there for $5 each last year so I’m stalking them this year to find another adorable sweater. I feel 100% the same! I live for the holidays and decorations! Nothing better!


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      3. Ahhh I LOVE second hand stores- we have one here called crossroads that I’ve been dying to make a trip to lately. I’m hopefully gonna stop in this weekend as a fun study break (but we’ll see!). It’s the BEST feeling when you find steals like that. Okay funny story time: For my bachelorette party I found a dress for $5. My girls and I were walking through downtown Cleveland, and a lady across the street yelled- “I love your dress”. I yelled back, “Five dollahs hollah!” then face planted as I tripped over a curb. SOOO embarrassing lol!

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      4. Oh fun! I hope you are able to stop by & find some nice things! I loveee finding steals cause I feel like a super shopper. ha

        Ohhh myyy goshhhh hahahaha I’m sorry that happened but at least it makes for a funny story!

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