30 – 24 VOLS

Happy Monday errr’one!

This weekend was a busy one! Kori, her hubs Matt, Drew and I were invited to have dinner at one of Kori’s and my besties from way back. Her and her husband recently bought a house and had their second child so they were so gracious to host us! We had so.much.fun talking and catching up and playing with her little boy who was a ball of energy. I think my niece and nephew have trained me fairly well in being able to play with kids but boy do they wear you out! I didn’t take any photos of the food since Kori did, so you’ll have to check out her blog. πŸ˜‰

After sleeping in on Saturday morning, I made a gruesome discovery…Axl had chewed up one of my beloved Old Navy booties that I’ve had for at least 2 years. 😟 Poor baby has been all out of sorts since the past 3 weekends have been completely out of the norm with traveling and being out late on Friday. Axl Rose has some puppy anxiety so while I was extremely upset, I knew why he did it.Since I was planning to wear them that evening to our friend’s wedding, I scooped Kori up and we headed to ON to try to find them again. I didn’t find them buttttt I found several other things. I blame Axl!

I found a dreamy skirt that I bought in both caramel and forest green, velvet top in blush pink that I then ordered a creamy white and dark purple online since they didn’t have my size in stores, got this perfect fall green long cardigan (I have the oatmeal colored one and wear it all.the.time so definitely a worthwhile investment!), and these ivory booties. While grabbing the velvet tops online, I found a midi length dress that I’m hoping looks cute! If it works, I’ll share my thoughts with y’all. 😊

Here is my outfit today: green skirt paired with the exact same golden yellow sweater Kori wore today (twinkies even when not together! ha), my new booties, brown tights, and new fall colored blanket scarf from Amazon! Also, is the elevator selfie blog worthy? Probably not but I was running late this morning and ya gotta do what ya gotta do to have blog photos.Thankfully the Vols vs Auburn game was at noon on Saturday so D and I were able to watch it (I listened to some since I was shopping) and THE VOLS WON! OH MY GOSH Y’ALL I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT. This ended the 11-game SEC losing streak that dated back to the 2016 season. I think D and I were in shock at first because we just couldn’t believe we beat a ranked SEC opponent.

The wedding was epic! So so fun and stunning. The bride was gorgeous, views were breathtaking, weather finally reflecting the month and date, the ceremony so touching, and the reception decorated to perfection. They used faux succulents and had a rustic, woodsy-themed feel since the bride and groom both love to hike, and I was obsessed with everything. Dinner was buffet style beebeeque, and it was probably some of the best wedding food I have ever eaten!The music was on point and I danced til I couldn’t dance anymore. Y’all two nights in a row staying out late. Who am I?!img_6340Please note, D and I did not plan to match with our sweaters, so I guess we’re just super cool like that. img_6368*I wore my new shoes, skirt, top & cardigan to the wedding* πŸ™ƒ

Sunday Funday consisted of cutting D’s hair (that sounds like I’m really talented but he rocks a buzz cut so it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy), cleaning (totes hard to do when it’s raining and a certain puppy tracks in paw prints ha), switching over my wardrobe to my fall/winter stuff, and getting prepped for today.

Please cross your fingers for D as he has his follow-up doctor’s appointment to discuss his MRI results. About 5 or 6 weeks ago one of his knee’s started bothering him and hasn’t gotten any better so after an initial doctor appointment where the doctor determined he thinks it’s his meniscus, they decided he needed an MRI to make sure what level the injury is and what the healing protocol will be. Praying he can just rehab it and not have to have surgery.

Please tell me what fun things you did last weekend!

6 thoughts on “30 – 24 VOLS

  1. I feel oh so bad for my pup-nephew, but I’m so glad we had our twinkie ON shopping date!! I love our new duds, and I love that we’re rocking almost the same outfit today! I love your selfies.

    Yay VOLS! GBO!

    Stayed out late and danced like crazy, who dis? I LOVED Becky’s wedding! Epic dancing, fun group, super touching ceremony. Loved being with you and Drew!

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  2. Only reading this a Monday late– -EEK! Better late than never, right?! I loved the photos on Kori’s blog from that get together- it looked like an absolutely wonderful time!!

    Aw oh no! Poor little bootie! Axl just wanted you to treat yourself to a shopping trip πŸ˜‰ Hehe!

    OMG these outfits are tooo cute. Seriously quintessential AUTUMN. Love love love.

    So happy the Vols won for you And that meal looks insanely good!

    What a wonderful wedding- you two look stunning!!!

    Really hoping all things are okay for D 😦 Keep us posted!

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    1. Yes always better late than never!

      hahahaha yes Axl knew I couldn’t get too mad at him…D said, “so you went for shoes and came back with several outfits?” yepppp

      Thank you! Old Navy has some incredible inventory right now! I’m all about the velvet trend so this rose colored top was a must.

      Thank you! The game this past Saturday was….sad. ha We played Alabama, and they are just an unstoppable machine so it was a ROUGH match-up. Onward and upward!

      It was a gorgeous venue with the perfect decor and so.much.fun! Thank you!!

      Ok I may botch up this explanation but you are so smart with medical terms so hopefully it makes sense! He tore the medial patella retinaculum. It does not require surgery THANK GOD! But he is having to go to physical therapy a few times a week for a little bit to rehab it and has to wear a special knee brace whenever he’s active to protect his kneecap from shifting. We think he must have injured it doing dumbbell squats because he remembers being a little unstable with them since he’s used to doing back squats with a bar. I so hate it for him! And also for our wallets since we haven’t met our insurance deductible. hahaha #adultlife

      I hope studying is going well! xo

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      1. I actually knew exactly what you meant by that! And thank God is right! So so happy things are okay! Ooo goodness, gotta love those deductibles , lol. What a relief though! ❀ Hope PT and everything goes smoothly and he is back to normal/pain free in no time!

        And thanks, chica! It's been a tough week, but we're getting there. I'm just taking a step away for some therapeutic blogging (MUCH needed!). xo


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