1 Year Anni Trip Part Two

Good morning everyone! I hope you have had a good start to your Wednesday thus far.

Let’s pick up with where we left off, shall we? Thanks to my high school friend’s friend, we received a recommendation for a Sunday brunch spot (Is there a better way to phrase this? I couldn’t make it sound any better. lol). After getting ourselves so fresh and so clean clean, we set out to scour downtown for a parking spot (no easy task in Asheville!) with the stomach growlies in full force. img_6062Upon our arrival to Mayfel’s, we were pleasantly surprised to find the wait time minimal so we put our names down, jetted off down the street to get some coffee and made it back with a few minutes to spare before our name was called. Mayfel’s offers New Orleans cuisine and they even have a make your own Bloody Mary bar. Pretty cool! Even though D is not a fan of tomatoes, he agreed to give the fried green tomatoes a try. They came with roasted red pepper aioli, goat cheese, sweet onion relish and green onions. Y’all, they were stellar! D even loved them so much he ate half of the plate! Highly recommend. I settled on The Karma, two poached eggs served over veggie sausage, spinach, tomato, bbq hollandaise, and an English muffin with a side of the Parmesan grits. I Mmm’d through every bite. D chose the fried chicken biscuit with a side of okra. I don’t think he left a drop of anything on his plate. 😉Fun fact, D was actually born in Asheville. His parents are from Knoxville, but they had moved to North Carolina for his dad’s job so he actually roots for UNC as well as the Vols. His family moved back to Knoxville when he was around 4 or 5 years old, so he doesn’t really remember much about Asheville. We decided it would be fun to take a drive down memory lane by taking a gander at his old house. It was really cute as was the neighborhood! The location also was perfect because it was really close to the Blue Ridge Parkway, something my mother-in-law recommended we drive up. All of the views were stunning, and we stopped at a few of the lookouts to take some pictures. Once at the top, we parked, I put on my Chacos and we decided to walk one of the shorter trails. The weather was FINALLY cooler since we were on the mountain and I couldn’t be more thankful. We past a young couple with their 8 week old catahoula leopard puppy and OH MY GOSH it was so freaking cute! Made us miss Axl Rose even more as he is the best hiking buddy!He photobombed me. hahahaWe found some pretty fall colors trying to peak through the otherwise lackluster looking trees. I really need the fall colors to make their full presence because it’s one of the things I look forward to most each year.

We wanted to hike more but since we had a specified time for the comedy bus, we decided to head back down the mountain to swing by our place to freshen up.

I did a minor wardrobe change before we headed to the meeting spot for our tour. I spotted this tree when we parked. *all the heart eyes*It was an hour long bus ride through downtown Asheville that was led by two actors with a funny haunted skit, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it!The guy awkwardly peaking out of my shoulder tried to tell me I had a front-facing camera on my phone cause it took us several attempts to land on this photo. Umm, yea dude, I’m 30 but not old. I know how to work my phone and don’t love the front-facing quality. ha Also, I don’t know why he leaned…he should have just stayed behind me. Since this was downtown, we decided to walk around and find a nice dinner spot for our last night. We peaked at the menu for this restaurant and $$$$$$ but look at that decor!We settled on Farm Burger, a restaurant that is seasonal and supports local farms. I selected the superfood salad: lacinato kale, sauteed broccoli and garlic, shaved carrots, sunflower seeds, herbs, mustard vinaigrette and nutritional yeast with a hamburger patty added to the top and a side of fries. D chose to build his own burger and also had the fries. We were both very satisfied with our selections and would highly recommend this place too!Since there was another Braves game and we were downtown, we walked to a bar nearby to catch the majority of the game. While at the bar, we actually met and talked to a guy about our age who is from Israel and was travelling to several southeastern states. It was so fun talking to someone from another country to get their perspective on certain American cities and norms and to teach him some about football and baseball. 🙂

Monday we woke up and hustled out the door since our checkout time was 11:00am and we had tickets to tour The Biltmore at 12:30pm.img_6140I found a cute coffeshop called Ultra Coffee Bar that wasn’t far away. I chose the Joey: everything bagel, sausage, egg, smoked gouda, and pesto but I subbed an English Muffin for the bagel. D got the Hnagover: pretzel bread, ham, egg, cheddar, honey mustard but he subbed an everything bagel for the pretzel bread. Each of us got a cold brew coffee, your girl went with the 24oz HELLO CAFFEINE, a coconut macaroon for later and D also enjoyed a nutella muffin that I nibbled on. Probably one of the best muffins I have ever had and it wasn’t dry in the slightest.Our last stop of the trip was The Biltmore. The property is pretty surreal and just seems to go on forever. I am glad we went and enjoyed touring but y’all, I have to vent. SO MANY ADULTS, we are talking middle-aged, cannot follow simple instructions and cannot be polite to save their freaking lives. It seems like a given to me and there were signs saying no flash photography (we all know that flash over time will cause damage), but one guy in front of us decided that apparently rules don’t apply to him so he was clicking away and getting in front of D and me when we were trying to look at the rooms. I wanted to scream. Not to mention, isn’t it more enjoyable to be present and admire everything without taking photos? I mean, do you really need a photo of a random room with a bed and dresser? I think not. Then some old man cut me off twice, straight up walked in front of me when I was trying to look in some rooms. I just can’t handle large crowds full of morons and self-centered people. I also was highly disappointed that there wasn’t a single piece of fall decor, not one teeny pumpkin, but the majority of the rooms we were touring had pre-lit Christmas trees with boxes strewn about and Christmas ornaments lying around. If I am paying $65 to tour, especially on October 8th, I want it to be authentic. So all in all, the interior tour was rather disappointing.

Once we escaped the crowd of idiots, it was much more enjoyable. The gardens with the mums was so dreamy (I really just wanted to prance through them like Dorothy does when she runs through the poppies on the way to the Emerald City hahahaha), but alas I could only look and take photos. The garden house was also incredible.After a few hours of touring, we hit the road and were anxious to get home to Axl Rose! I always love vacays but by the end, I am so ready to be back in my home sleeping in my bed but wasn’t really ready to get back to reality. ha

I have to say I love that we went with an open itinerary, no set plans of what to do or where to eat (aside from The Biltmore) so it was really refreshing to just let the days guide us and to have downtime. It was truly a trip to remember. ❤

6 thoughts on “1 Year Anni Trip Part Two

  1. Okay, I’m going to apologize in advance for my obnoxiously long comment, but I have so much to say! Such a shocker, I know. Let’s see, your brunch was epic on epic. I just love the sound of what you chose, I’m now craving fried green tomatoes (secret’s in the sauce), and I adore alllllll of the photos of you! Those views are so breathtaking, and I think one would make a gorgeous canvas print! You and D are supah cute, and I love how we both take photos of our hubs walking ahead of us. His photo-bombing you is classic. You know I love the ring bling in your leaf photo, and yay for spotting some signs of autumn finally! Your burger salad is exactly what I would want, and the bowl reminds me of one at our lake house! I now am inspired to try making it at home for Matt and me. Fingers crossed! I love that you got to enjoy a Lazoom Comedy Tour too! That man needed to butt-out of your space and business. You know how to take a couple’s selfie. Lawd. You look stunning on the last day of your trip! Love how much you are able to wear your rehearsal dinner dress. I agree about the Biltmore. It is SUCH a shame that they choose not to celebrate the *best* time of the year and skip right over to Christmas. People need to also learn basic manners and social skills. Sheesh. You two packed so. much. into your trip and even without any prior planning. It really can be for the best to just wing it! As exciting as it all was, I know you were looking forward to returning to see sweet Axl. I’m sure he was pumped to see Mom and Dad!


    1. Secret’s in the sauce!

      I wish the fall colors had showed up more in the photos because in person they were peeking through! The views were so great!

      awww thanks for seeing that <3…I really liked how the photo turned out….iPhone portrait mode FTW

      You could totally recreate that salad! It was extremely tasty.

      He was a little strange. ha

      Thanks! We really did get to do and eat so much and I was really thankful for such a fun weekend!

      Axl was SO pumped and wore himself out quickly from so many wiggles!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Fried tomatoes are SO good!! Nothing like the regular ole’ ones 😉 And the way those were prepared sound just terrific. The Karma sounds mighty delish too! The interior is so fun- totally NOLA !

    WOWZA. Those views!!!!!

    Lol that guy… SMH!

    The haunted tour sounds really awesome.

    Literally allll your food is making me drool. Can’t handle right now. Pesto… smoked gouda… pretzel bread.. coconut macaroon… Nutella freaking muffin!!! It’s all my favorite things in a single post !

    WOW- the Biltmore is breathtaking. And your outfit is just ridiculously perfect for that scenery too. Remember back in the day when you said you didn’t have much to blog about? L to the O to the L. This was amazing! I so loved your anniversary adventures- what a fabulous time and totalllly a time to remember! Thanks for sharing, Kaci 🙂


    1. They were so so delicious! I’m actually not a huge Eggs Benedict fan but absolutely loved this dish, so that says just how great it was.

      Aren’t they incredible?! I even spotted some beautiful reds and oranges in the distance but I don’t think it quite showed as much in the photos.

      Right?!?! Plus, why did he lean more IN the pic instead of hiding behind me? lawd ha

      It was so much fun! So different and just a great way to sit back, relax, and be entertained for an hour.

      Surprisingly with this being the smallest breakfast I think it might have been my favorite! It was bursting with flavor and was the perfect amount to be filling but not overly so. I hate wasting food so sometimes when travelling I’ll overeat then later regret my decision.

      It really was so so stunning! Incredibly hard to even imagine building in today’s day and age much less the many many years ago that it was. I don’t even know how many visits it would take to cover everything. Our ticket included the winery I believe but we didn’t have time to go. Even though I don’t drink, I thought it would be so fun to do a tasting because all of your winery tours sound like such a fun experience!

      The dress is actually my rehearsal dinner dress (from Val’s bahahahaha). ❤ I just love it. Only problem is that when it catches a breeze, it's quick to fly up and open so I had to grab that sucker a couple of times to keep from flashing people. lolz

      Ha I know! I hope I continue to have good material but fortunately thus far things are organically presenting themselves!

      Thank you! I'm so so happy with our trip and all that we were able to do!

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