1 Year Anni Trip Part One

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is my Monday because D and I took Friday and Monday off to explore Asheville, NC for our anniversary weekend!

After dropping our sweet Axl Rose off with family on Friday afternoon (he wasn’t a fan of being left behind 😦 ), we hit the road to wind up the roads to our destination, a cute Airbnb called The Mermaid Cottage, which was in a great location putting us close to everywhere we wanted to go. Once there, we had time to relax some and get ready to hit the town.That gray lump was a cute kitty that greeted us. Since it was vacay, we decided to be wild and get coffee and a little sweet appiteaser before finding a dinner spot. Thanks to Google (seriously, how did people travel before smartphones and Google?!), we found a cute coffeeshop called Odd’s Cafe. D and I both got cold brew and shared a massive brown butter salted caramel cookie…try to say that 5 times fast.After some research, we decided to get BBQ and according to Googlemaps, would only be about a 15 minute walk so we set out walking through a super cute neighborhood with adorable craftsman houses and large new builds with character. However, about 10ish minutes into our walk, we felt like Googlemaps was highly underestimating the time of this walk and given blisters were starting to form on my feet, we did an about-face to head back. Below is a few houses I snapped photos of that were stunning.I ran into my girl Dolly!Once back, we crawled in our subie (I call D’s Subaru Crosstrek a subie, which seems to be THE brand of car everyone in Asheville drives so we fit right in lolz) and headed to the restaurant. In typical basic girl fashion, whilst driving, I changed my mind and decided I wanted Mexican food so we switched gears and headed to bartaco. I ate at this restaurant on my bach weekend in Nashville the summer of 2017, so I knew it was delish and that D would love it. Unlike Nashville, there was no wait (all the praise hands) and we were seated at the smallest table ever. We were team small table all weekend. hahaha I failed and didn’t take pictures, but we ordered a small guac, I selected 3 tacos (they are street style tacos so only about 3 bites each), and D chose the  glazed pork belly rice bowl. Everything was super tasty and the service was wonderful.

D wanted to catch the Braves game so we walked to a bar close by and hung out there to watch the Braves lose. I’m not a big baseball fan so I think I deserve a “great wife” ribbon. 😉

Once back at our Airbnb, we crashed and slept in like teenagers. When we awoke, we put our rears in gear and headed out to try Biscuit Head for brunch. According to one of our best friends, this place is, in his words, “life changing”. I will say that I love my life as is haha but figured it was worth a shot. I ordered the gravy flight and chose pork sausage gravy, mushroom medley gravy, and sweet potato coconut gravy. It.Was.Delicious. I couldn’t stop eating and may or may not have used a spoon to eat the gravy on its own….I think my fav was the sweet potato coconut because it was so different! D ordered the brisket biscuit that he said was incredible! I tried a bite and loved it.bathroom selfie cause the mirrors and colors were too fun to not capture This looks like my sweet angel baby Mason as an astronaut! The waiter was nice and got our picture before we waddled out of there to head to the Western North Carolina Nature Center. D has wanted to go to the zoo for a while, so this seemed like a great afternoon activity to do. It was hot as blue blazes so we sluggishly made our way through each exhibit pausing in the shade to cool off. Fall needs to hurry its delayed self up. The otters were my favorite exhibit! One was rolling around all of the place rubbing its back, and it reminded me of my sweet kitty, Rachel, who loves to “swim” on the carpet! The other otter took turns going into 2 different large paper bags just like my kitty, Jackson, does with cardboard boxes.Isn’t he so cute? 🙂 D humored me and took photos with me in their fall setup as part of their fall festival! Sadly, even though we slept in, I think the combo of a huge brunch and the heat, we were beat (y’all I’m a poet). We went back to our place, napped, got freshened up, and then headed out for dinner at Nine Mile, a restaurant offering Caribbean cuisine. Asheville has 2 locations, so we chose the one in Historic Montford. The restaurant was nestled into a picturesque neighborhood that had gorgeous homes, many craftsman styles, worth over a million dollars. How do we know this? We were nosy and looked up some of the homes on http://www.redfin.com. After about a 45 minute wait, we were seated again at the teeniest table. I ordered One Foundation with tofu and subbed zucchini pasta for the spinach fettuccine and D ordered the Soul Rebel. Both of our entrees came with an order of Natty bread and salad. Natty bread is crusty baked bread with a garlic spread. Everything was extremely tasty! My only complaint is that my tofu was rather chewy and dry. I’m not sure if that is the desired consistency for the dish or if it was just overcooked, but it was still edible and everything else was great.

I couldn’t resist dessert so we shared the chocolate spliff cake: black pepper seasoned chocolate cake with a lemon thyme pastry cream that is then covered in chocolate ganache and dusted with a cayenne-cocoa power…it was magicalBefore calling it a night, we decided to go to a bar close to our place to catch some football games. Wouldn’t ya know it but I ran into a high school friend that I haven’t seen since high school! Small world y’all. I met one of her best friends, who was so fun, and we had a lot of fun catching up. She works for a comedy bus tour and was so sweet to help us get tickets for the next night!

Since we are getting into essay territory, I will wrap up my first recap here.

Tell me, have you ever been to Asheville, NC? If so, what was a must see place or must eat at restaurant?

9 thoughts on “1 Year Anni Trip Part One

  1. I’m in awe of all the fun you had, the food, and your absolutely stunning beauty! Let’s take it from ze top.

    Your Airbnb is so eclectic and adorable! Please help me and Matt find one to stay at one day. You’re the reigning queen! I love all of their quirky decor, especially the door knob!

    I love that you two grabbed coffee and a cookie as an appeteaser. It really feels so perfect on vacation to do so. Also, your photo with Dolly is awesome! Please share that with Colleen of Cruze – you know she’d love it!

    That biscuit and gravy flight sounds utterly amazing. I want to try the sweet potato coconut one! That bathroom, those mirrors, and the astrounaut space kitty are hilarious and awesome! He does look like Mason too!

    I do wish the temps had been more kind to you all so you wouldn’t have been so wiped out from the heat. But your visit to the Nature Center looked perfect! Those otters sound just like Ray and Jaxxy-butt.

    You were seriously within minutes of the perfect bed and breakfast that Matt and I stayed at on our honeymoon when you dined at Nine Mile! That historic, expensive, exquisite neighborhood is where we walked almost two years ago! ❤

    Cannot wait for part deux, Boo!


    1. Aww thanks!

      It was a great little place! Definitely quirky but in a good way.

      It felt like a great start to our exploration! That’s a great idea! I’m sure she’d love to see Dolly. 🙂

      It was delicious! Mason ❤

      It was at least pretty and fun! Once we cooled off and napped, we felt tons better so it all worked out. 🙂

      That's crazy! I had no idea your B&B was so close to that Nine Mile location. So funny we picked several places y'all did! Must mean we picked some winners!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Y’all always do pick winners! I really hope that for Matt & my five year anniversary, we can return to The Lion & the Rose Bed & Breakfast. That would be perfect for that milestone anniversary. 🙂 But I am not rushing time!

        I’m a grateful twin that you got to enjoy such a splendid time in Asheville!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh! That Airbnb is the cutest little spot! The big cookie looks out of this world yummy & you so deserve a “great wife” ribbon! Baseball games are such a drag. 😛

    I’ve had many flights in my life but never a gravy flight, wow wow wow! I’m drooling! I’ve also never heard of a more unique cake than the one you guys got at Nine Mile! Mmm!

    Hope you had fun on the comedy tour!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Such.a.drag. hahaha

      I thought it was such a unique idea and since I always want to try as much as I can when traveling, I thought it was such a great option!

      As soon as I read the description of the cake, I knew I had to have it regardless of whether or not my stomach had any space left. It was so worth it! I loved the subtle kick from the cayenne peppa.

      It was so fun! Definitely worth a tour if you ever go to Asheville. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha they seriously are! When I was a kiddo my dad dragged me to a Twins game and I started crying because I got so bored & he wouldn’t bring me home!!

        I’m the same way! I always wanna try as much as I can. 😀 I love chocolate with a little spicy kick, it works so well!

        Will definitely add the tour to my list if I ever visit Asheville. ❤


  3. This Airbnb is the definition of magical… WOW! You are soo darn pretty!! I love your outfit. Oooo a brown butter salted caramel cookie?! YUM! That coffee shop looks fantastic.

    Ahhh, Dolly! What a fun mural.

    Omg I just read out loud your paragraph about changing gears for Mexican food instead because I TOTALLLLLLY do this too! Haha. Girl after my own heart ❤

    That brunch just sounds soooo darn delicious & can we talk about your outfit?!?!

    Oh my goodness-this foooood.

    And I see there is a part 2—I am so excited! What a wonderful trip already 🙂


    1. It really was! My design style is more mid-century modern meets pops of color so it was so fun to stay somewhere that was totally different!

      Thank you!! My top is from *drum roll* Val’s Boutique. Shocker! ha Fun fact, I forgot footie socks so my feet were feeling it by the end of the night. Fortunately there was a Target nearby so we popped in and I found the CUTEST pair of foot socks. Here’s the link to them.


      The cookie was so tasty, and I just loved the cute little coffeeshop and road!

      Hahahaha…we were literally almost to the BBQ restaurant and I was like “pull a u-turn, we’re headed to bartaco”.

      Thank you! I love this dress! The colors just scream “fall” but fortunately is lightweight enough for those not-so-fall temps.

      I’m pretty sure I came back a little heavier because of all the delish food. ha

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