Picture It, Rockwood, TN October 7th 2017

If you aren’t a Golden Girls fan, this title doesn’t make sense! If this is the case, you need to become a fan because the show is high-larious!

I cannot believe it has already been 1 whole year since D & I wed! The day was filled with jitters, excitement, & bliss. My day started with hair & makeup (my girls: Heather with Bangs & Blush for makeup & Nancy – she’s my hair stylist and the only person I trust with my hair – were the best!) moving like a robot to make sure I didn’t mess up said hair & makeup & nervously squeezing into my dress. D’s day, however, included chowing down on Cracker Barrel, swimming in the hotel pool & calmly throwing on his suit. Being a girl is hard. bahaha

Leading up to the wedding, I had the same fears all brides have: was the weather going to cooperate, were the vendors going to nail their roles, was I going to look alright, etc but when the day came, it was perfection. I couldn’t have asked for better weather (we had a beautiful start with overcast clouds that then opened up to rich sunshine), my wedding coordinator, Lindsay, KILLED her role & made everything run so smooth (she effortlessly wrote out our chalkboard seating sign the day of, picked up our cake, made our plates of food, kept me hydrated, made my dad’s boutonniere since I was a moron & didn’t order it, & was just the bomb), & my photographers Whitney of Whitney Jade Photography & Sara of Sara Miller Photography were more amazing than words can say! I seriously can’t explain how much they mean to me. From the moment they arrived, they had us laughing, having so much fun & made me feel so at ease & beautiful. Whitney had designed a literal minute-by-minute timeline of the day that made everything run smoothly, and they captured pictures so beautiful they make me want to cry. Wedding photographers are the real MVPs: they are what keep the day moving, they are the bride’s therapist, they have to deal with family drama and weather issues, and I hit the jackpot with my girls. ❤️

I’m going to wrap this up with some of my fav photos, but this doesn’t even graze the surface of our photos.


7 thoughts on “Picture It, Rockwood, TN October 7th 2017

    1. Thanks so much! The cake was both gorgeous and delicious! A local bakery run by only 2 women made it and nailed my vision perfectly. I found the forks on Etsy! The seller actually goes out and finds real silverware that she hand stamps. 🙂

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      1. I see similar cakes all over Pinterest; that’s amazing that they were able to make your vision come to life so perfectly. ❤ Etsy is so cool!! Love that you bought your forks from there!!


  1. Okay between you and Kori, I am convinced I need to watch this show!!

    Happy happy anniversary to you and D! That’s so funny he literally had a typical hangout guys day right before- but side note- that makes me miss Cracker Barrel. We don’t have any- and I’d do anything for their apple pancakes. Anyways- it literally sounds like it all went so smoothly & beautifully. I am tearing up at these pictures- they are PERFECTION. Holy freaking cow – have you submitted these to a magazine? You need to. Everyone is so beautiful. You made a stunning bride. Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you posted this. I have goosebumps!!


    1. Right?! When he told me later that night how chill his morning was I was so jealous. Ahhh that’s so sad! Cracker Barrel is just such a staple restaurant and so nostalgic.

      It was surprisingly such a smooth sailing day that was so fun! Thank you so much!! My photographers seriously were the best! I just have to constantly pinch myself that they were my photogs and these are my photos! They have such a talent of making ordinary spaces look extraordinary. The photos with the gorgeous red leaves and beam of sunshine was on our driveway! Isn’t that crazy?

      I remember second-guessing my dress after I bought it and just having all these fears and then seeing it all together, I just love it. It felt so vintage and perfect, and I loved the style and lace pattern. I actually had the back chain custom made by the Etsy jewelry designer I bought my earrings and bracelet from. She designed the chain to coordinate with my earrings and bracelet, and I just love how it all came together. :))

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      1. Okay those photos are stunning on your driveway! Such a lovely reminder that beauty is in the simplicity— even in the simplicity and familiarity at times ❤ Ok, I'm getting cheesy haha.

        WHAT!!! You should not have second guessed that dress for a single second. That was MADE for you & literally perfection. I totally second guessed mine though so I empathize- I literally shed tears over it, but at the end of the day I had to remember it was "me" and there was a reason I loved it in the first place.

        Your jewelry really was sooo beautiful & lovely. Like you said- it allll came together to perfection. ❤

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