Oh Baby Baby!

Hey everyone! I’m a little behind on posting. Yesterday was kind of a shit day so I didn’t feel like writing.

I wanted to do a quick recap of our fun weekend in Memphis for our friends baby shower.

We traveled to our cute Airbnb on Friday afternoon (D is a trooper and drove the whole way!) and made it in time to meet up with some friends for a late dinner.

I’m a blog failure because I didn’t take any pics of my noms. Doh! We went to Slider Inn, and it was pretty tasty!

Saturday D and I slowly crawled out of bed and got all cleaned up just in time to literally check out at noon on the dot, which was the latest we could check out of our Airbnb.

We went to Cafe Eclectic for brunch, and we both really enjoyed our meals. I tried the Nutella stuffed French toast and D had a  smorgasbord of food. lolz He had the sweet potato hash, sausage gravy and biscuits, bacon and eggs.

Once done we rolled out of there and headed to the house where the baby shower was being held. The hostesses decorated everything so well, had tasty food, and we were able to watch the Vols vs Georgia game.

I personally believe the Vols showed improvement from the previous week. The defense worked hard to stop the bulldogs, and the offensive line did a better job of protecting our QB. We were able to score 2 touchdowns, and I was happy to see them go for 2 points on each instead of just kicking for the extra point. Sadly we didn’t get either 2 points, but the fact that they tried shows they are willing to put in the work to get as many points as possible.

After the shower we headed back to Knoxvegas. We didn’t want to stay 2 nights because I had already booked several days at an Airbnb for this upcoming weekend because it’s our 1 year anniversary, so we wanted to save the money, get back home to our Axl Rose, and be able to have our Sunday instead of driving the whole day. We were home and in bed around 1:00am and slept til at least 10:00am…it felt Heavenly. Someone was happy to have us home. :))

I was able to do some chores and unpack before going with kor to the fun Barre3 in the Park event we had signed up for several weeks ago. It was an hour of tough B3 in the hot hot sun, but it was so fun and felt so great! We had a little fun with our temporary B3 tats. 😉

That sums up our fun weekend! Please tell me if you did anything fun last weekend!

12 thoughts on “Oh Baby Baby!

  1. Hope today has treated ya better, girl! Can we talk about how adorable your Air Bnb was?!? Your breakfast looked amazing!! Nutella French toast? Yes please! What a stinkin’ adorable baby shower… I am loving that décor. & I LOVE that you and Kori did Barre in the park— you too are too darn pretty- sounds like a perfect day; I love those arm tats. Hope you are having a great week, girl!


  2. Okay it didn’t go to spam. And I realized how dumb it was to ask you to check spam if my comment went to spam lol. So maybe I just didn’t submit my comment. Anyways! That air bnb looks ah-may-zing!!! Seriously WOW. And that baby shower is the cutest thing in the world. I just love the little touches. It’s so adorable. Glad the Vols showed improvement, baby steps while we’re on the topic, right?! 😉 Axl looks sooo relaxed and happy to have you guys back ❤ Such a sweet photo.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that you guys could do Barre in the park. Such a fun time! Your tattoos are adorable too. And how do y’all look so darn cute working out?! Have a great week girl.


    1. Hahaha it’s ok girl! The site is throwing me for a loop cause of these updates!

      We were so thrilled with our Airbnb and one night including all fees was under $100!

      Is it not the cutest pink shower ever?! I just love a beautiful light pink and corals with vintage decor for a baby girl. I didn’t know many of the people there so I’m sure I looked strange just running around and snapping all the pictures but it worked out cause no one else did so the sweet mama to be was grateful! blogging ftw

      hahaha awww yes! I love seeing improvement even if only in baby steps! Better forward than backward.

      Axl lovesssss my in-laws and is spoiled rotten by my mother-in-law and father-in-law but is always so happy when we come home!

      It was so fun! I always feel crazy good for doing a workout outside when it’s hot because it feels like you work even harder! Ha you are too sweet!

      I hope you are having a fab week!

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      1. Right?! WP is off it’s rocker lately!

        That’s SUCH a steal! Seriously such a cute place & looked like the best time.

        Awww I bet that is the best feeling when Axl gets so excited to see you 🙂

        Oohh totally know what you mean. We have had some HOT days here lately; I’ll run one mile then I’m drenched!

        You too, girl!


    1. It was delicious and I was actually thankful to have a normal sized portion of French toast! Sometimes I don’t order it simply because I don’t want a gigantic portion of food that I either overeat on and feel gross or that I waste. This was the perfect amount and oh so delicious.

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      1. totally know what you mean! Funny tid bit- on our cross country road trip out here from Indiana I packed a cooler with a bunch of ice that I would refill at gas stations so that I could take our leftovers with us haha. I HATE wasting food, but I’m with you- I don’t want to be overstuffed either. I would just warm up our leftovers in hotels and eat them on the go- it was a big saver!


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