Friyay Favs #4!

It’s finally Fridayyyyyyyy! This week has felt like a long one y’all. Probably partly because it’s been Gator Hater week!!!! My beloved Vols take on the Florida Gators tomorrow, and I’m praying for a great game!

Now today I’m going to share my absolute two fav home decor brands: Opal House and Pioneer Woman! **I have to point out that it’s because of kor that I even know about PW**

Opal House is a line sold at Target (a basic girl’s dream store), and I would describe it as being very tropical yet without the standard nautical prints. The colors are bright and bold but also some pastels and soft neutrals blended in. When we bought our house, I wanted to go the rather neutral route with lots of white, gray, and some blush pinks thrown in since I am always drawn to photos I see on Insta with these colors. However, it was BORING. I always felt like my house looked so plain and not like the pictures. On one of my many many trips to Tarjay, I stumbled upon some Opal House items and I’m pretty sure I had hearts form in my eyes just like the emoji. I drooled and ogled and wanted it all! I decided on this aw-dorable rug with tassels (!) to put in our kitchen, and I truly feel like it added so much to the space!

Now, I am big into cleaning, and I want to keep my items looking super nice so I will say the white of the rug has caused me some grief when I see dirt, but nothing a little tender loving care and upholstery cleaner won’t fix. Recently I snagged this apron, and y’all, is it not the cutest?! Did I need it? A big fat nope, but is it not just the most southern thing to own? 🙂

I also couldn’t resist this gray, white, and blush pink blanket with tassels to have at work since my office is usually chilly!

Next up is Pioneer Woman! I would describe this line as country chic, very affordable and sold at Wal-Mart, so it’s easily accessible. For my birthday, my dad and stepmom gifted me an Amazon gift card, my FAV gift, so I could shop with zero guilt. I decided to purchase a set of placemats and matching table runner that are both reversible! I love reversible items because it’s like a 2-for-1 deal. One side is beautiful, bold colors in a lovely large floral print, and the other side is navy and white in a smaller floral and paisley print. I have to say I’m rather obsessed with the table runner because prior to owning it, my table was pretty drab and boring. I had put the tan tablecloth on my wedding registry because it was neutral, which I figured was best, and while I love it, it just didn’t have any pizzazz. With the addition of the PW table runner, I feel like it now looks layered and fun.

Next up, is my new PW cookware set! For my wedding registry, I registered for some over the top fancy cookware that I HATE SO MUCH. Everything, I mean everything, sticks and burns no matter what I do. After almost a year of dealing with it, I decided enough is enough and I went shopping. I found this adorable set of non-stick cookware that also came with the cutest measuring cups and matching spoons, a small cast iron skillet with 2 silicone sleeves, 2 mini au gratins, 2 wooden cooking utensils, and a spatula.

Last, I decided to invest in 8 cloth napkins to try to reduce our usage of paper napkins. Each adorable set of 4 napkins only cost $4, and I just love using them!

I know each brand is rather bold and unique so I have tried to be careful about blending the two, especially so close together but ya gotta have fun with decor!

That wraps up my longgg Friyay Favs post! Tell me if you own any items from either of these brands!

8 thoughts on “Friyay Favs #4!

  1. Gah, I’m so jealous of your PW set!!! I wish ours had come with the utensils & such, but I love our red speckled & your turquoise speckled! Pah, aprons are so needed. Take it from a girl who has stained a top or twelve. 🙄 Looove you table runner! Your table has so much pizazz. Lastly, I adore your Opal House rug, but I’m sorry I step on it all the time. Love this post!


    1. I am in Heaven cooking now! Nothing sticks, cleaning is a breeze, and they are so pretty to look at!

      Ha yes see aprons are a necessity!

      Thank you! No worries, I’ll always be there to tell you to move your feet. 😉 bahaha

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  2. Woot woot! A friyay faves! Hope you are enjoying watching the game today Go Vols!

    Ok, I am obsessing over this rug. It is soo fun, but subtle enough to be a stable in the kitchen. Ahh it’s’ perfection.

    And that apron *heart eyes*. SO cute!!

    Also-that table runner & the placements are so dang adorable. I am just fan girling over all these goods.

    And this cookware!! I cannot handle it! That turquoise is amazing. You’ve gotta have good pans- it makes ALL the difference. So glad you can enjoy not having the annoyance of sticking and burning! Loved this post! xo


    1. I enjoyed the tailgate but the game was heart wrenching. 😭😭

      Yes that’s exactly how I felt! The size was also a perfect fit for right there in front of our sink.

      I’m still getting used to grabbing the apron when cooking cause I’ve never had one! I also don’t wanna get it dirty cause it’s so pretty. 😉😂

      Thank you! kor & I bought this table & chairs 6 years ago, so she’s showing her age with lots of knicks & such but the table cloth & runner have covered that up & made it a great fit for this space.

      I’m still kicking myself for going so crazy with the ones I put on our registry! They’re awful. ha However, these are so great, & I love looking at them! Plus, I’m all about more for less so getting the extras made it feel like an epic deal. I actually noticed the price had reduced by $10 when I wrote this post & waliworld gave me a credit! great customer service

      Thanks sweet girl! Have a great Sunday Funday! xo

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      1. Ohh no! Glad it was still fun though:)

        So smart to cover up the little knicks! It looks SO good!

        OH my gosh- there are a few things on my registry I regretted- our silverware for one- they are super bulky, but I didn’t discover I didn’t care for them until we were deep into using them. I understand the feeling!

        LOVE when you can get credit back too- so good!


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