Bulking Up

Happy mid-week lovies!

So you might be thinking, is Kaci doing Crossfit and dipping into her hubs protein?! Nopeeeee. We bought a pantry so we can finally buy in bulk! When we bought our house, it was fully renovated complete with my dream kitchen, but there wasn’t a standard designated food pantry. For over a year, we’ve crammed stuff into a standard cabinet by the fridge and used the corner cabinet that has 2 swivel shelves, but I could never buy multiple shelf stable items or keep this area remotely organized.

One Sunday recently, D and I set out to go to Home Goods, At Home, and Target to try to find a stand alone pantry that we could put in our dining room, but we didn’t find anything we liked. Kori was sweet and did some research and found this ah-mazing Better Homes and Gardens cabinet in rustic gray! Our walls are “revere pewter”, a medium-hued gray with taupe undertones, so I was nervous if a gray piece of furniture would look right but I’m happy to report I think it does! It’s the perfect rustic gray that seems to really bring out the color of the wall. Also, barn door…need I say more?


We assembled this baby (read: stayed up until midnight on a Monday doing it…oy vey). I have to say, the instructions and organization of all of the parts was very well done and it wasn’t difficult to assemble, just very time consuming because there are a lot of little parts.

After a few days, we did decide to install the wall anchor to ensure no tipping would happen since I’m a worrier and legit went home on my lunch break the next day to make sure it hadn’t fallen on Axl…

Since only one side is covered at all times, I decided to buy some large storage bins to stuff full. I loved the Better Homes & Gardens bins but of course they were out of stock of the one I wanted. Never fear, I went straight to Amazon! I found these bins: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077Y8N7JH/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I am happy to report they seem to be great quality, and I think look nice (feel free to let me know your thoughts!).

Another awesome rec from Kori was to add this gorgeous Pioneer Woman shelf liner to the open side without bins to ensure the food doesn’t scratch the shelves so I scooped up a roll from waliworld on my way home from work. (I’ll give more info on Pioneer Woman on my Friyay favs post!) https://www.walmart.com/ip/The-Pioneer-Woman-12-In-x-10-Ft-Non-adhesive-Shelf-Liner-Vintage-Floral/125633358

Now that it was secure, I was itching to stock ‘er up! This past Sunday I finally bought a good amount of items to make my grocery trip worthwhile and organized to my heart’s content.

I really love how our kitchen and dining room have come together! My amazing sister-in-law (https://imperfectlybalancedsara.com), gave D and me this adorable sofa table with the matching end table and coffee table when we moved in because we were furniture-less. I decided to use it as a buffet in our dining room instead, and it’s just perfect. I am able to display the homemade wooden signs I made for D’s and my sweetheart table for our wedding and display my other beautiful baking items. Since our dining room (or should I call it a nook since it’s in an open space in front of the kitchen? haha) is somewhat small, I’m really proud of how we have been able to utilize this space.

Tell me, do you have any specific items you buy in bulk from the grocery? Any tips or advice on what I should be bulking up on?

Happy Humpday!

10 thoughts on “Bulking Up

  1. The pantry looks great! I think the color matches the walls perfectly!

    I never really buy anything in bulk from the grocery store since there’s only me and my boyfriend at home!


  2. I love that pantry so much. Really I love your whole house. I’m so glad you could make such good use out of that furniture!! You made it look so cute, I might want it back 😉.


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