Summer is squashing my fall dreams!

Good morning lovelies!! I hope that for any of you that are in the path of Florence or have friends and families in the path are staying safe!

I wanted to do a recap of my weekend because it was such a good one!

On Friyay, D and I didn’t have dinner plans, but D remembered he had a coupon to Aubrey’s that he had won at a golfing event a while back so we decided to finally use it. Because we are *those* dog parents, we loaded Axl up and set off to a date night of 3! While I have fall on the brain and am so excited for my fav season, it was anything but cool. We sat outside because we had Axl, and D was sweating so much it was rolling down his shins. bahahaha Ya do what ya gotta do for your furbabies tho! Once we got seated, our super nice waiter arrived and explained we could actually get 2 free apps, 2 free side salads, 2 free entrees & 2 free desserts! Y’all, we were PUMPED! I ordered the delish crabcake app and D chose the pimento cheese and sausage plate. We decided to share a Cesar salad to conserve precious stomach space, and then I ordered the grilled salmon tacos and D treated himself to the Hawaiian ribeye. We were so full so we each ordered the praline cheesecake to-go and my goodness, they gave us 2 huge slices! D and I split once slice the next night and were more than satisfied. Once we finished eating, we rolled ourselves out of there to go home and get cozy to chillax.

*all the heart eyes*

Axl’s head looks so big here. bahaha 

On Saturday, we were up bright and early (early for me on a Saturday ha) for gameday!!!!! It was an extra fun gameday because my twinkie, Kori, ( and bestie, Cindy, joined us! On our way to the tailgate, we swung by our fav coffeeshop, K-Brew, to get our first pumpkin pie lattes of the season! They have the BEST pumpkin pie lattes because they use real pumpkin and in-house made whipped cream so I highly recommend any of you local followers get going to snag you one!

Since the game was at noon, the tailgate was pretty small and minimal but still so fun.

*my dress is from Val’s as part of their summer closeout sale a few weeks ago

Power T! Go Vols!

Once we made our way to the stadium and our seats, we lathered up in sunscreen butttt I didn’t put any on my face or scalp so I’m rocking a nice pink hue. Y’all, we sweated buckets…legit buckets. It was SO hot. Fall where you at?!

a post-nap no makeup selfie to show off my pink hue

We won (!), but the game was a little rough at times so this Saturday when we play Florida I’m probably going to be shaking like a leaf from nerves. Pray for my Vols please! Once home, I showered and fell into bed for a solid hour. I haven’t taken a nap in so long I don’t remember my last one but man this felt Heavenly. Axl even joined me. ❤

Saturday night’s sunset. <3<3

On Sunday, kor and I went to Born This Way to have our recent tattoos touched up and then hit up Kroger and Aldi. I am so proud of myself (if this isn’t 30 I don’t know what is) that I saved $17.03 at Kroger and scored $.20 off per gallon of gas! I am the world’s worst at forgetting my coupons, but I made sure to sit down and go through them all while making my list, and it definitely made a difference. It was so fun shopping with kor, just like old times when we lived together.

We spotted this sign at Kroger and man I want it! givemeallthefalldecor

This brings us to a close and to the present, a soggy, rainy Monday morning.

Tell me, what did you do this weekend? Do you have a football team you root for and if so, who?

8 thoughts on “Summer is squashing my fall dreams!

  1. Haha- your title- amazing!!! Yay for a date night of three

    All that free delicious sounding food?! WHAT. A. DREAM!

    And what a dream dog- gosh that face. I just wanna reach out and pet him!

    Yummy yummy – those pumpie lattes look sooo gooood. You two are stinking adorable. I can’t get over it!

    I “cheer” for the Browns, but it’s usually a pretty bleak situation, lol. Congrats on the win! XO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha thanks!

      Right?! Our eyeballs probably got so huge when the waiter told us! I’m sure he thought “these people need to get out more”. lolz

      Aww he would love that! He’s a sucker for attention. So many people came up to pet him and he just soaked it all up. 🙂

      They are delish! I’ve been craving another one ever since!

      Ha bleak is the same sitch the Vols are in! I’m just enjoying each win and crossing my fingers hard for the SEC games. Thank you! :))

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think anyone would have that reaction- especially if it’s free !!!

        It’s definitely fun to cheer for the underdogs too- especially when they’re your team 🤗


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