Happy Saturday and gameday y’all!!

Today I’m writing about an extremely exciting project that occurred at the Sniders house this week: we got a fence!!!!!! Six explanations too much? No, no it’s not. This has been something that we have been talking about doing since we bought the house over a year ago, but like I’m sure all of you know, life happens, other expenses pop up and plans get shifted. Thankfully D and I have still been slowly saving towards our goal. Over a month ago we obtained estimates from 3 different companies but before the last estimate, we could feel our dream slipping away. Y’all fences are EXPENSIVE. We were beginning to work to coming to terms with not being able to have a fence but then the 3rd company, Bryant Fencing, came and our dream became true! The gentleman showed up on time, was extremely thorough, and gave a very reasonable estimate. The only downside was we had to wait 6 whole weeks to have it done! Our mistake for waiting until the middle of the peak fence building season to schedule.

We have several reasons for wanting a fence: we have Axl Rose who while is such a good boy and doesn’t run off in the yard without a fence (!) still finds a scent and starts to wander from time to time, we have our backyard deck that D and my father-in-law built (I will feature this in another post!) that we’d like to sit on and have privacy, and our lot is on the smaller side making it close to our neighbors. One neighbor in particular is too friendly (read: doesn’t know personal space and privacy) so we have truly been anxious to build a wall (sorry, I had to…D also liked to say “make our yard great again” hahaha) to keep them out.

After waiting what felt like forever, our fence was built this week! D and I truly feel like our fence is so so ah-mazing! It was incredible to see the 2 gentlemen build it. I cannot imagine doing that hard of work and they made it look so easy!

Here’s the before and after photos. Axl is still getting used to having his yard boxed off, but I think he’ll love it.

Happy weekend and Go Vols!!

6 thoughts on “Picketing

    1. Lots of cold brew coffee! lolz I think we are all done with our projects now so we just crammed them all in quickly and now are going to try to financially recuperate. Ha! Thanks! We are really thrilled with the results. 🙂

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