Labor of Love

Hey-yo peeps and happy Wednesday! I decided I would do a brief recap of my long weekend and share a little fun outfit inspiration!

First up was GAMEDAY SATURDAY! Now y’all that aren’t from the south and more specifically Knoxville, you need to know it’s the best place in the whole world come fall. I just love ever-y-thing fall: autumn scented candles, pumpkin on pumpkin on pumpkin, mums, leaves changing but most of all, I love football. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my beloved Vols, it’s been a painful rollercoaster for many years. We have had several coaches come and go and leave a disaster in their wake. Forewarning, please don’t ever come at me this year with the “it’s a building year, it’ll take time” blah blah blah. I’m well aware of the reality of our team but my orange heart beats hard for a miracle and bomb season so I might have gray hair come December. Being a Vols fan really is a labor of love.

Nowwww that you understand my stance, here’s my first 2018 gameday outfit! Recently Val’s Boutique had a major sale so I of course had to go snag some items! Can I just say how hard it is to find shorts that actually fit and are comfy? These chambray shorts are so amazing and cost $10 I believe. I also got my Knox hat from our campus Vol shop! I have been on the hunt for an awesome gameday hat for a long time and legit gasp with joy when I saw this beauty recently. D and I were so fortunate to watch the game on our family friend’s houseboat with an awesome group who put up with my, let’s just say passion. teehee

Speaking of Val’s and gameday orange, here’s another fav new outfit of mine! I recently decided to add another pair of the high-waisted Amazon pants I previously blogged about to my wardrobe and decided on the blue-gray color and paired them with another new Val’s top.

While my twinkie and her hubs spent time at our lake house, I got to take care of our sweeties, Jax & Ray! I failed to get a picture of our princess but Jax and I did some much needed cuddle time on Sunday. They are so so so purrrecious. ❤ ❤

On Monday, it was D, Axl and my turn to go to the lake for the official last day of summer!

Axl checking out his lake.

I was caught taking pictures. lolz

Isn’t he so handsome?


Axl literally thinks he should float to when we do so this is our setup always. hahaha

A nice summer thunderstorm rolled in just as we were about to leave so we ended up having the perfect lake day.

I hope you all had a fab weekend! Go Vols! 🧡

6 thoughts on “Labor of Love

  1. I LOOOOOOOVEEE our lake house!!! I shouldn’t have made Matt and I leave early to look at those homes on Sunday, but I didn’t know they wouldn’t work. I cannot wait to get out there again! Love all of your outfits and your photos, Boo!

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  2. I am WITH YOU!!! I am so psyched it is fall. We have our candles lit and football playing right now and all is right in the world Haha I LOVE your passion for your team ❤ And your outfitttttssss. *Heart eyes*. Y’all seriously are my fashion inspo.

    Such a cute picture of you and Jax!

    AXL!!! So adorable and photogenic.

    Your suit is so adorable too. I love that teal color.

    Glad you beat the storm! What a fun LD weekend !

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    1. That sounds heavenly! Ha gotta have passion as a fan!! Just may be annoying to others around me when watching the games. 😉

      Thank you!!! I’m really happy I finally found a few awesome pieces on sale! I hope to improve on that going forward cause I always want to be that savvy shopper.

      Jax is such a ham! Fitting cause he’s such a little piggie.

      Isn’t he?! I love putting bandanas on him.

      Would ya believe it’s 4 years old?! I feel like swimsuits are such an investment cause they cost a fortune for such minimal material!

      Have a great Friyay dear!

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