Mooove over Chip & Joanna!

Hello lovelies!! Happy Friyay Eve! Anyone else feeling like this week has just been fairly long and blah?! I know I am ready for the weekend and some R&R.

Ok now let’s get down to business. While I know D and I are just a teensy bit behind Chip and Joanna…I kid, I kid…we have been knocking out some fun house projects! Our latest and one of my favorite projects to date is our garage barn door! Did you catch my farm reference in the title? πŸ˜‰ Our house was built in 1930 so the “garage” is really the original 1-car detached garage that we now use as our storage unit. Upon purchasing the house, it had received a fresh coat of paint, but the existing side door was a rather sad sight. It was crooked and just pretty flimsy. Lucky for us, a few old doors I imagine from the original interior were left in the garage beckoning to be brought back to life. D and I prepped (read: painstakingly sanded each side of the door) for painting. Once it was finally smooth, I put two coats of a nice medium dark gray. We picked out the paint at our local Ace Hardware store, and the representative assisted in picking the best paint for exterior use. To add even more improvements, I removed the doorknob plates from both sides and painted them with a textured brown spray paint in order to keep them looking antique.

While the door and plates dried, I got to work researching barn door kits. I ultimately found this one on Amazon but man there are so many options out there!

Finally it was time to install! Well it didn’t go *quite* as quickly as we had hoped, of course. haha We took the time to install some 2×4 pieces of wood on the inside of the garage to give extra support since we knew we would not be able to hit studs to hang the rail. This took quite some time just to ensure we did it correctly and then we quickly realized measuring for the rail was rather tricky. By 9:00 pm the first night, we decided to call it quits and resume the next day after work.

Once we had our after work snacks (anyone else still do this like back in the days of school?!), we got to work. We reread the instructions, redid our measurements and got to drilling. At this point things were going pretty quickly. We installed the hangers with the wheels and bumpers and she hung like the beauty that she is! Then when we went to install the door latch we had purchased, we found that it didn’t work! So frustrating. We scarfed down some dinner and bolted to Home Depot. Once home, we got to work testing the options we bought only to realize *drum rolllllll* the original latch in fact did work after some adjustments! Doh!

Here it is in all her glory! I have also included some process photos so you can see the original door on the garage, door prior to sanding (and yes that is the end of a garden shovel I used to scrape the loose paint before sanding lol), and an up close of the door knob plates. The only additional items to address now is to find a way to add a track to the bottom of the door to ensure no swinging and to adhere the door knob but we hope those will be easy items to address.

Tell me if you have a barn door or any other farm-tastic house decor crafts!

12 thoughts on “Mooove over Chip & Joanna!

  1. Ohmmmmgeee it’s purrfect!!!! I love it, and truly, I hope you and D can help me and Matt install some sort of sliding barn door in our one-day first home! Maybe even on a bathroom vanity or something. Just so I can have one. πŸ˜‰ LOVE! You all worked hard, and it paid off big!

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    1. Thank you!! The kit is SO much more reasonable than any I have found in stores! I am hoping it works well outside since it’s technically made for the indoors.

      Haha I hope you find a great spot for one! I’d love to see it!


  2. Ahhh this looks SOOOOO good!!! I adore the color and am once again amazed at y’all! And yuuuhhhsss, so glad y’all still do the post work snacks. I snack like every couple hours so I naturally have something whenever I return home lol. LOVE the door. it looks fantastic. Keep these crafts comin’, you are inspiring me!


    1. Thanks a bunch girl! I am rather proud with how it turned out! Would you believe I picked that color out in probably 10 seconds? Probably my fastest decision in the world aside from saying “yes” to my hubs marriage proposal. :))

      Snacks are life! I don’t know how some people get through a day without eating snacks!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hahah, I feel you. Anytime I make a fast decision I call it a win considering my own indecisiveness too! Sometimes whatever you are drawn to first is just the right decision- and you made a great one!


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