Let There be Light!

Happy hump day folks!! Is this still a thing? If not, just call me old cause I still love it and think it never gets old.


A few months back whilst strolling through Heaven on Earth, err Target, I stumbled upon some cute outdoor string lights on sale and naturally purchased 4 boxes cause ya know, go big or go home. It is worth noting I had no plan for how to actually hang these beauties so they sat in their boxes tucked away just yearning to be used. Thankfully D never ceases to amaze me so little did I know but some ideas were brewing in his smart noggin.

After we completed some projects and found a weekend with some downtime, we got to work shopping at the good ole Home Depot for supplies. It is worth noting I HATED going to this store when I was little cause there were no toys and it smelled of dust but suffice it to say, it’s SO fun as an adult (except for the whole having to spend money part…). We went late on Friyay night and actually closed the store down cause that’s how we party on a Friyay night. After having fun at my nephew’s 6th birthday (!) party on Saturday morning, we got home and got to work. Get ready for some good laughs…

We purchased 2 4x4x8 posts and some heavy-duty black bases made for 4×4 posts to anchor them to the deck. We planned to use command strip hooks on the house so as to not drill into the house and our plan was to run the lights in a square above the deck. Everything seemed to be going smoothly: the bases fit and screwed in easily and we quickly had them mounted to the deck. I actually thought “man this is going to be our easiest and fastest project yet!” oh was I wrong. lolz

After getting the posts anchored, I went through each box of lights to screw the bulbs into their place and hook all of the strands together. I figured I should test that they worked so I plugged them in while they laid on the deck. After confirming they were working, I unplugged them and walked back to the deck where my big foot stepped on and broke one bulb. Thankfully I was in my Chacos but man was I bummed! I retrieved my garden gloves and very carefully cleaned up all the teeny tiny shards of glass.

Now it was time to hang. I climbed the step-ladder with D overseeing and started to hang my beauties…then the command strip fell. Now things got real fun…I had lit our citronella candle and placed the large lighter next to it along with a plastic Home Depot bag that contained a small tester can of stain we wanted to use on our side deck. D just happened to look over and wouldn’t you know it plastic can catch on fire! We figured some wind must have blown the bag into the candle which then caught the lighter on fire. Oh and it’s worth noting my cell phone was sitting there too. Needless to say, things got heated right then and we had some fun cleaning up. Thank goodness the stain didn’t catch fire and burst! This put a good dent in our project timing for sure. We tried over and over to get the command hooks to stick but they refused so Axl, D and I climbed into the car an headed back to Home Depot.

We returned home with 2 more 4x4x8 posts and bases and wouldn’t you know it, NEITHER base would fit. Remember when I thought this project was going to be easy? A big ole HAHA to me. Well I was determined to get this done so I grabbed some sandpaper and I got both posts whittled down enough to wedge those suckers on with a hammer.

NOW we finally reached the time to hang the lights and thankfully that went smoothly. Lucky enough too, we only needed to use 3 strands so it turns out I have so many extra bulbs making the broken bulb to not be an issue.

At this point the sun was almost done going down so we stood back, and plugged her up. We both felt like Clark Griswold, and I’m surprised music didn’t start playing.


Ain’t no rest for the wicked though because now it was time to cook dinner. We grilled up some yummy food and ate on the deck to enjoy our hard work. Since we are now without a lighter, I used a match to re-light our candle since we had to blow it out for our store run and wouldn’t you know it I burned myself when an ember flew off the match and onto my chest. How in the world is that even possible?! It was the perfect end to our project.

Here’s D modeling it in the daytime. 

Have you had any projects recently and any fun stories with them?

10 thoughts on “Let There be Light!

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *takes a breath* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, oh Boo, I’m so sorry for all of the shenanigans!! But boy are they hi-larious! I can’t wait to see these twinkly lights later today! Also, Hump Day is and will always be a thing!


  2. Hahaha what project is ever complete without multiple trips to Home Depot?? Finished product is adorable though! I’m the same way about Home Depot… hated it as a kid, it LOVE it now!


  3. Finally!! A bit of time to catch up! Or shall I say, “Keesh” up?! Yes hump day is definitely still a thing!

    Dannng you guys worked hard!! This was super interesting to read- being in an apartment, our house projects are definitely limited, but I will be coming to you for tips when we finally have a home! Great job despite the little bumps in the road. It looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


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