Hey Hey Friyay!

Good morning lovelies! I am beyond pumped it’s Friday because I am so ready to get some R&R and maybe work on some fun house projects the hubs and I have started. 🙂

I have rounded up a few of my current favs to share with you!

First up, this room freshener. I am borderline obsessed with candles because I just love having a fresh scent wafting through my house, but candles are so absurdly expensive. You are legit burning your money so that’s no fun. Not to mention, I have been known to not blow the candle out before going on our evening walk soooo that’s no bueno. A few months back I discovered this hidden gem, and I am loving it! I keep one bottle in each bathroom cause, well, you know 😉 and periodically go through each room in the house spritzing this glorious freshener. I love it because it’s so light and refreshing and not overly potent like many air freshener sprays can be.

Next up, Toms shoes! I will admit it, I am a Toms shoes junkie. If I had the money, I would buy every single pair of shoes they produced. I have never met a pair that I didn’t like! I wore the beautiful rose gold Toms flats when I was my twinkie’s Maid of Honor at her wedding, and I wore the tan and orange sandals and tan booties for my engagement photos. I highly recommend investing in at least one pair of Toms because I feel like quality made shoes are so important since no one wants to wear shoes that hurt and tear up their feet. I will say the shoes are expensive but definitely worth the investment.

Last, Barre3! Now I will start by saying I am no expert. I love me some breaks and have a long way to go before I will consider myself  skilled. With that said, I absolutely love the feeling of accomplishment after a workout and always feel the soreness afterwards that reminds me I am positively changing my body and getting stronger. I have tried quite a few workout disciplines: CrossFit, Orange Theory, various yoga classes, spin, and out of them all, B3 reigns supreme. I love that no matter where you are in your fitness journey, you can do B3. The B3 community is extremely body positive, promotes taking modifications to honor where you are in your practice, and you get an all-over body workout each and every time.

That wraps up some of my current favs! Tell me, do you own any Toms shoes or have you ever tried B3? Let me know your thoughts and as always any recs you have of your current favs!

8 thoughts on “Hey Hey Friyay!

  1. Oh gosh, I need to get some of that air freshener today on my Target run!! I just added it to my growing list. 😉 I love TOMS! I am still so thankful that Matt gave me not one but three pairs on the same Christmas that he proposed. Such a sweet man I am lucky to call by hubs! Lastly, Barre3 will always have my heart. Even in those tough moments, I still love it. There hasn’t been anything like the feeling I get during and after a class. Congratulations again on winning your free classes – it is so deserved!

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  2. We loveee our candles but agreed- so pricy! I always try to snag them when they’re on sale at Target!

    Your shoes are sooo cute. I love that Tom’s shoes are for a good cause too.

    Barre was great! I need to plan another class soon. XO


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