Crafty Coffee Cart

**Y’all I have a super special Friyay post! My twinkie and author of GypsyRD (, recently completed a pawsome craft that I am really excited to share with you! Below you will find her amazing blog post, enjoy!**

I’m excited to contribute a post to Kaci’s amazing blog! I hope this little DIY project inspires you to bring something back to life and make what was once old new again.

When Matt and I moved into our town home together, I immediately began the hunt for a vintage cart to use for our coffee and tea mugs and supplies. After visiting a few stores, I came upon this well-used, had-seen-better-days cart. Still, I loved it. I found the burlap bag as well as the trays at the same vintage store and happily “carted” (haha) my treasures home. I put it together and was pleased with it ever since!


Recently, though, as Matt and I have slowly been looking for our first home, I gave thought to refurbishing it. I discussed it with Kaci and Matt and chose to move forward with a seemingly easy DIY project. I went to our local Ace Hardware store and chose the same pretty sage that Kaci used in making us the best blanket ladder. I wanted to coordinate our cart with our small dining table that will become a breakfast table when we move, so I chose a textured ‘autumn brown’ paint for the railings.

I laid down a few towels, disassembled the cart, used a wire brush to sand the trays a bit, then I decided to tackle it with the spray paint. Let’s just say I won’t quit my day job. Lolz. I removed the spray nozzle thinking it was a stopper. Funny enough, the paint dripped out of the can like crazy. When Matt got home, he noticed the “defect” with the can. I then picked up the tiny nozzle piece, and bam! I realized my whoopsie. Hahaha. All you can sometimes do is laugh! Thankfully, Matt is han-to-the-dy, and he showed me how to apply the paint consistently and properly. This all started on Sunday, mind you. Fast forward to Thursday and a few more trips to the store for additional paint, and we are now proud owners of a renovated and lovely coffee/tea cart!


Thanks to Kaci’s awesome suggestion, I chose to add a liner to each shelf. Of course I was drawn to and had to choose Pioneer Woman. I went with her ‘vintage floral’ design, and while there is not sage green in it per se, I just love how all the colors look together. It’s pretty without being overly busy. I also love how it now coordinates with our precious table.


I have to say I am so pleased with how it came together and for what I have learned. I already have a few more projects planned that I look forward to sharing with you all in this incredible space. Thanks again to Kaci for sharing the Daniel DIY project!

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