Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica

If any of y’all are fans of The Office, that title will make sense. For those that aren’t fans, stop what you are doing and go binge watch now!!!!

Alrighty I’m going to begin with a little positivity. Today is a new day that we all are fortunate to embrace. Everyday truly is a blessing, and I for one am beyond thankful for my amazing husband, twinkie, family, friends, furbabies (including my angel in Heaven) and job. Even in the mundane of times it’s important to always pause and reflect on all the wonderful things.

*take some time to pause and reflect on all the wonderful aspects of your life right meow*

Now that we have started our day on the right foot, let’s also recognize that it is Monday, and I’m sure we’re all equally sleepy and wondering why we didn’t go to bed earlier last night. I hope you all appreciate these Office memes as much as I do and that they give you all a good chuckle and in turn, a brief ab workout.

8 thoughts on “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica

  1. LOVE The Office!! Even though it’s not Monday, this is a great start to my Tuesday (Which is weirdly my least favorite day of the week, not sure why!). So thanks for the laughs 😉 And I agree- sooo important in the everyday mundane to reflect on allll the good around us.


    1. I am so glad it made you laugh and helped you on your least favorite day of the week! Maybe Tuesdays are your least favorite because Mondays are expected to be tough, Wednesdays are the halfway point, and Thursdays give you the pre-Friday excitement jitters?

      Sometimes I just need to remind myself to be pawsitive and I love seeing motivational quotes on Insta and blogs!

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      1. Ummm I think you hit the nail on the head!!! Sheeeeesh basickeesh, coming in hot with the psychoanalysis 😉 Tehe.

        I love love quotes. I don’t care how basic the quote- if it’s motivating – send. it. my. way.


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