Friyay Favs!

Happy Friday the 13th! dundundunnnnn This will be fairly short, but I wanted to show a few of my favorite things!

First up is my cold brew coffee. Not a day goes by that I don’t drink coffee and it’s the absolute first thing I get when I wake up. Now, I’m a weirdo and just don’t really like hot coffee unless I’m out to eat and having dessert. I know, I don’t get it either. I should clarify that my top favorite cold brew is from a local coffee shop named K-Brew here in Knoxvegas. It’s pure liquid gold! However, since I haven’t won the lottery yet, I had to find a more affordable alternative so I introduce to you, Chameleon cold brew! I drink the black coffee variety but they also have some flavored options. It’s a concentrate but can I make a confession to you? I drink about 3/4 of a Yeti everyday…really gets me going. ha! I pour in some local Cruze Farm light milk, which adds the perfect amount of creaminess and delicious flava. If you are not from the Knoxville area, I highly recommend you seek out a local dairy company to buy your milk from because I always find it tastes better and when I travel, I always seek out coffee shops with local dairy products.


Next up is Pixi beauty products. There are SO many options so I haven’t even tried half! They are a beautiful company that are cruelty-free and natural based. I use their tinted H20 face gel, concealer, blush, highlighter, eye shadows, and lip tints for makeup and use several of the face mists and glow tonic as part of my hygiene routine. The face tint is the best one I have ever tried and their blush is so rich and doesn’t require much to have the perfect amount of color. As far as the face mists and glow tonic, I love how my face feels after using these products and feel that they really helped to clear my face up after having some massive breakouts around my wedding when the stress was at an all-time high.

I have noticed around Spring of 2017, floral prints started to become really popular, and I drooled over all of the beautiful dresses and rompers. One of my really good friends purchased a dress that was not the perfect size for her, so she gave me the option to purchase it from her, and I am really grateful! It’s so soft, so comfy, and I love finding a maxi dress that is actually long enough for me. I have slowly integrated some florals into my wardrobe, and I am in love. My twinkie actually posted about an adorable floral skirt she purchased on Amazon! I have included her blog post below. 🙂

Friday Favs + Finds

Last, I have an obsession with arm candies, or as my niece says: cannies. I’m sure you can guess where I purchased all but 3 of them….Vals! hahaha I’m tellin ya, that place is my jam. I feel like throwing on some cute bead bracelets just elevates a look and adds such a lovely pop of color. Plus you can mix and match as much as your heart desires.


So that’s some of my current favs! Have you tried any of these products? If so, what are your thoughts?


7 thoughts on “Friyay Favs!

  1. I need to het some cannies!! Tomorrow wanna swing by Vals with me? I shall keep you at bay fromspending, but I need some arm color in mah life. Confession: I just love coffee, puriod. I still have some cold brew left! It’s been open for weeks. I hope it’s still good because now I want some this weekend! Gawgeous floral maxi. Love Pixi too! Gives me that flawless glow. Just kidding. But it certainly makes me feel pulled together yet not weighed down by makeup. Love your first Friday Fav post – keep ‘em coming!

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  2. This is seriously Christmas morning for me reading these posts!! DJ loves cold brew- so I will have to pick up some of this for him to try- I think I’ve seen this in the store! I think Kori has mentioned the Pixie products before!! I am ALWAYS looking for new beauty suggestions/tips. That dress is adorable- I’ve been loving the floral patterns too- and cannot go wrong with bright bracelets for summer! Those are perfectionnn. Ok I guess I should calm down until you have another post out. Haha.

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    1. Awww I’m so glad!! I really love this community of sharing because there are SO many things I would otherwise miss out on! Also, the fact that blogging has allowed me to connect with you and to be able to learn from your life is so gratifying. I also really appreciate your excitement and support! It means the world!

      I sure hope you can find the cold brew and that DJ loves it!

      Thank you so much sweet friend! Back atcha!

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