Bye Bye Belly Button

Well, that title is a bit dramatic, but today I’m talking about high-waist pants. While I know this style has actually been active for a few years now, I’ve always been on the fence about it. The denim high-waist pants & shorts just looked too 80s mom and gave a less than stellar derriere. Cue my 30th birthday when my sweet dad & step-mom gifted me an Amazon gift card (anyone else LOVE gift cards so they can shop with reckless abandon?! No, just me? alright moving along…) allowing me to snag *drum roll* these hunter green high stretchy waist pants for $25! I was super skeptical cause while I love a bargain, Amazon clothes can sometimes be a gamble and quality pants for $25 online seemed a teensy bit dicey. Well folks, they are amazing! I could not wait to wear them & have twice thus far. They seem very versatile and oh so comfy. I mean, stretchy waist & tie belt, yes please. I’m already itching to find another pair of cute high-waist pants buttttt just don’t tell my wallet about that, ok?

I have included the link below if any of you are interested in purchasing these. 🙂

So tell me, are you rocking the high-waist pants look and if so, what are some great shops you found them at?


11 thoughts on “Bye Bye Belly Button

  1. So cute! I wore my high waist tie belt shorts on the fourth, the blue and white stripes seemed appropriate 🇺🇸. I also have a high waist denim skirt I love!
    *both from my shop, which has been on a little summer break*


    1. I LOVE those shorts!! I meant to tell you that! They are so trendy & flattering, & I think the vertical stripes just really help accentuate the style. You deserve a summer break but I’ll be excited when your shop resumes!


    1. I promise they would be amazing!!! I was super worried about that too but they have just the right amount of stretch so they work really well. I find that they are true to size as well.


  2. Right?!?! I love finding a good deal and admittedly I love online shopping! Sometimes it’s fun to physically go shopping and try things on and sometimes you just want to curl up with your furbaby while in your jammie jams and click some buttons to wait for that super exciting package to be flopped on your porch!


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