Let There be Light!

Happy hump day folks!! Is this still a thing? If not, just call me old cause I still love it and think it never gets old.


A few months back whilst strolling through Heaven on Earth, err Target, I stumbled upon some cute outdoor string lights on sale and naturally purchased 4 boxes cause ya know, go big or go home. It is worth noting I had no plan for how to actually hang these beauties so they sat in their boxes tucked away just yearning to be used. Thankfully D never ceases to amaze me so little did I know but some ideas were brewing in his smart noggin.

After we completed some projects and found a weekend with some downtime, we got to work shopping at the good ole Home Depot for supplies. It is worth noting I HATED going to this store when I was little cause there were no toys and it smelled of dust but suffice it to say, it’s SO fun as an adult (except for the whole having to spend money part…). We went late on Friyay night and actually closed the store down cause that’s how we party on a Friyay night. After having fun at my nephew’s 6th birthday (!) party on Saturday morning, we got home and got to work. Get ready for some good laughs…

We purchased 2 4x4x8 posts and some heavy-duty black bases made for 4×4 posts to anchor them to the deck. We planned to use command strip hooks on the house so as to not drill into the house and our plan was to run the lights in a square above the deck. Everything seemed to be going smoothly: the bases fit and screwed in easily and we quickly had them mounted to the deck. I actually thought “man this is going to be our easiest and fastest project yet!” oh was I wrong. lolz

After getting the posts anchored, I went through each box of lights to screw the bulbs into their place and hook all of the strands together. I figured I should test that they worked so I plugged them in while they laid on the deck. After confirming they were working, I unplugged them and walked back to the deck where my big foot stepped on and broke one bulb. Thankfully I was in my Chacos but man was I bummed! I retrieved my garden gloves and very carefully cleaned up all the teeny tiny shards of glass.

Now it was time to hang. I climbed the step-ladder with D overseeing and started to hang my beauties…then the command strip fell. Now things got real fun…I had lit our citronella candle and placed the large lighter next to it along with a plastic Home Depot bag that contained a small tester can of stain we wanted to use on our side deck. D just happened to look over and wouldn’t you know it plastic can catch on fire! We figured some wind must have blown the bag into the candle which then caught the lighter on fire. Oh and it’s worth noting my cell phone was sitting there too. Needless to say, things got heated right then and we had some fun cleaning up. Thank goodness the stain didn’t catch fire and burst! This put a good dent in our project timing for sure. We tried over and over to get the command hooks to stick but they refused so Axl, D and I climbed into the car an headed back to Home Depot.

We returned home with 2 more 4x4x8 posts and bases and wouldn’t you know it, NEITHER base would fit. Remember when I thought this project was going to be easy? A big ole HAHA to me. Well I was determined to get this done so I grabbed some sandpaper and I got both posts whittled down enough to wedge those suckers on with a hammer.

NOW we finally reached the time to hang the lights and thankfully that went smoothly. Lucky enough too, we only needed to use 3 strands so it turns out I have so many extra bulbs making the broken bulb to not be an issue.

At this point the sun was almost done going down so we stood back, and plugged her up. We both felt like Clark Griswold, and I’m surprised music didn’t start playing.


Ain’t no rest for the wicked though because now it was time to cook dinner. We grilled up some yummy food and ate on the deck to enjoy our hard work. Since we are now without a lighter, I used a match to re-light our candle since we had to blow it out for our store run and wouldn’t you know it I burned myself when an ember flew off the match and onto my chest. How in the world is that even possible?! It was the perfect end to our project.

Here’s D modeling it in the daytime. 

Have you had any projects recently and any fun stories with them?

Hey Hey Friyay!

Good morning lovelies! I am beyond pumped it’s Friday because I am so ready to get some R&R and maybe work on some fun house projects the hubs and I have started. 🙂

I have rounded up a few of my current favs to share with you!

First up, this room freshener. I am borderline obsessed with candles because I just love having a fresh scent wafting through my house, but candles are so absurdly expensive. You are legit burning your money so that’s no fun. Not to mention, I have been known to not blow the candle out before going on our evening walk soooo that’s no bueno. A few months back I discovered this hidden gem, and I am loving it! I keep one bottle in each bathroom cause, well, you know 😉 and periodically go through each room in the house spritzing this glorious freshener. I love it because it’s so light and refreshing and not overly potent like many air freshener sprays can be.

Next up, Toms shoes! I will admit it, I am a Toms shoes junkie. If I had the money, I would buy every single pair of shoes they produced. I have never met a pair that I didn’t like! I wore the beautiful rose gold Toms flats when I was my twinkie’s Maid of Honor at her wedding, and I wore the tan and orange sandals and tan booties for my engagement photos. I highly recommend investing in at least one pair of Toms because I feel like quality made shoes are so important since no one wants to wear shoes that hurt and tear up their feet. I will say the shoes are expensive but definitely worth the investment.

Last, Barre3! Now I will start by saying I am no expert. I love me some breaks and have a long way to go before I will consider myself  skilled. With that said, I absolutely love the feeling of accomplishment after a workout and always feel the soreness afterwards that reminds me I am positively changing my body and getting stronger. I have tried quite a few workout disciplines: CrossFit, Orange Theory, various yoga classes, spin, and out of them all, B3 reigns supreme. I love that no matter where you are in your fitness journey, you can do B3. The B3 community is extremely body positive, promotes taking modifications to honor where you are in your practice, and you get an all-over body workout each and every time.

That wraps up some of my current favs! Tell me, do you own any Toms shoes or have you ever tried B3? Let me know your thoughts and as always any recs you have of your current favs!

Crafty Coffee Cart

**Y’all I have a super special Friyay post! My twinkie and author of GypsyRD (https://gypsyrd.com), recently completed a pawsome craft that I am really excited to share with you! Below you will find her amazing blog post, enjoy!**

I’m excited to contribute a post to Kaci’s amazing blog! I hope this little DIY project inspires you to bring something back to life and make what was once old new again.

When Matt and I moved into our town home together, I immediately began the hunt for a vintage cart to use for our coffee and tea mugs and supplies. After visiting a few stores, I came upon this well-used, had-seen-better-days cart. Still, I loved it. I found the burlap bag as well as the trays at the same vintage store and happily “carted” (haha) my treasures home. I put it together and was pleased with it ever since!


Recently, though, as Matt and I have slowly been looking for our first home, I gave thought to refurbishing it. I discussed it with Kaci and Matt and chose to move forward with a seemingly easy DIY project. I went to our local Ace Hardware store and chose the same pretty sage that Kaci used in making us the best blanket ladder. I wanted to coordinate our cart with our small dining table that will become a breakfast table when we move, so I chose a textured ‘autumn brown’ paint for the railings.

I laid down a few towels, disassembled the cart, used a wire brush to sand the trays a bit, then I decided to tackle it with the spray paint. Let’s just say I won’t quit my day job. Lolz. I removed the spray nozzle thinking it was a stopper. Funny enough, the paint dripped out of the can like crazy. When Matt got home, he noticed the “defect” with the can. I then picked up the tiny nozzle piece, and bam! I realized my whoopsie. Hahaha. All you can sometimes do is laugh! Thankfully, Matt is han-to-the-dy, and he showed me how to apply the paint consistently and properly. This all started on Sunday, mind you. Fast forward to Thursday and a few more trips to the store for additional paint, and we are now proud owners of a renovated and lovely coffee/tea cart!


Thanks to Kaci’s awesome suggestion, I chose to add a liner to each shelf. Of course I was drawn to and had to choose Pioneer Woman. I went with her ‘vintage floral’ design, and while there is not sage green in it per se, I just love how all the colors look together. It’s pretty without being overly busy. I also love how it now coordinates with our precious table.


I have to say I am so pleased with how it came together and for what I have learned. I already have a few more projects planned that I look forward to sharing with you all in this incredible space. Thanks again to Kaci for sharing the Daniel DIY project!

Step by Step

*shout out to D (my hubs & probably how I’ll refer to him from here on out) for this stellar title*

Months ago, D & I acquired several free pallet boards that have been comfortably living in our storage shed. Recently, D decided to break them down in order to have the spare wood ready to be used, which got the wheels spinning in my lil noggin as to what my first reclaimed wood project could be. It didn’t take long for me to realize I could make my twinkie a blanket ladder! I have always loved blanket ladders and my twinkie’s style is the perfect blend of rustic farmhouse and vintage decor.

Once I surveyed the pieces, I gathered my selections and began sanding. Once I got all of the pieces smooth, I used some sage green spray paint that is able to be used on wood metal and several other surfaces. Thanks to my handy hubs, he and I tag teamed screwing in the brackets for each ladder rung and that was it!

I think the brackets could be left unpainted or be painted too, just depends on your style. We got our paint and brackets from Ace Hardware, but I know Home Depot has the same style of paint just in a different brand.

I have to say I’m really happy with the result and am excited to see it displayed at my twinkie’s house.

If you have done any really cool crafting or wood working recently please feel free to share with me! Also, does anyone have any ideas for what our next project should be since we have lots and lots of wood still ready and waiting to be used? 🙂



Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica

If any of y’all are fans of The Office, that title will make sense. For those that aren’t fans, stop what you are doing and go binge watch now!!!!

Alrighty I’m going to begin with a little positivity. Today is a new day that we all are fortunate to embrace. Everyday truly is a blessing, and I for one am beyond thankful for my amazing husband, twinkie, family, friends, furbabies (including my angel in Heaven) and job. Even in the mundane of times it’s important to always pause and reflect on all the wonderful things.

*take some time to pause and reflect on all the wonderful aspects of your life right meow*

Now that we have started our day on the right foot, let’s also recognize that it is Monday, and I’m sure we’re all equally sleepy and wondering why we didn’t go to bed earlier last night. I hope you all appreciate these Office memes as much as I do and that they give you all a good chuckle and in turn, a brief ab workout.

Friyay Favs!

Happy Friday the 13th! dundundunnnnn This will be fairly short, but I wanted to show a few of my favorite things!

First up is my cold brew coffee. Not a day goes by that I don’t drink coffee and it’s the absolute first thing I get when I wake up. Now, I’m a weirdo and just don’t really like hot coffee unless I’m out to eat and having dessert. I know, I don’t get it either. I should clarify that my top favorite cold brew is from a local coffee shop named K-Brew here in Knoxvegas. It’s pure liquid gold! However, since I haven’t won the lottery yet, I had to find a more affordable alternative so I introduce to you, Chameleon cold brew! I drink the black coffee variety but they also have some flavored options. It’s a concentrate but can I make a confession to you? I drink about 3/4 of a Yeti everyday…really gets me going. ha! I pour in some local Cruze Farm light milk, which adds the perfect amount of creaminess and delicious flava. If you are not from the Knoxville area, I highly recommend you seek out a local dairy company to buy your milk from because I always find it tastes better and when I travel, I always seek out coffee shops with local dairy products.


Next up is Pixi beauty products. There are SO many options so I haven’t even tried half! They are a beautiful company that are cruelty-free and natural based. I use their tinted H20 face gel, concealer, blush, highlighter, eye shadows, and lip tints for makeup and use several of the face mists and glow tonic as part of my hygiene routine. The face tint is the best one I have ever tried and their blush is so rich and doesn’t require much to have the perfect amount of color. As far as the face mists and glow tonic, I love how my face feels after using these products and feel that they really helped to clear my face up after having some massive breakouts around my wedding when the stress was at an all-time high.


I have noticed around Spring of 2017, floral prints started to become really popular, and I drooled over all of the beautiful dresses and rompers. One of my really good friends purchased a dress that was not the perfect size for her, so she gave me the option to purchase it from her, and I am really grateful! It’s so soft, so comfy, and I love finding a maxi dress that is actually long enough for me. I have slowly integrated some florals into my wardrobe, and I am in love. My twinkie actually posted about an adorable floral skirt she purchased on Amazon! I have included her blog post below. 🙂

Friday Favs + Finds

Last, I have an obsession with arm candies, or as my niece says: cannies. I’m sure you can guess where I purchased all but 3 of them….Vals! hahaha I’m tellin ya, that place is my jam. I feel like throwing on some cute bead bracelets just elevates a look and adds such a lovely pop of color. Plus you can mix and match as much as your heart desires.


So that’s some of my current favs! Have you tried any of these products? If so, what are your thoughts?


Jumpin for Joy

For years I have been a big fan of rompers and loved the versatility of dressing them up or down. Being on the somewhat taller side standing in at a whopping 5’7″, sometimes finding rompers is quite the challenge and allows for some really hilarious try on sessions with the shorts essentially being the length of a bikini bottom. While I have had the unfortunate luck of seeing more butt cheeks than I would prefer from girls who seem to be ok with this length, I hurried those puppies back to the rack and leave empty handed cause I prefer shorts to actually cover a decent amount. Because of this, I had stayed away from jumpers because while I hate when it rains and my pants get wet, I’m not a big fan of high waters. I had dabbled in trying on some jumpers here and there and always left the dressing room feeling rather dejected. For my 30th birthday (you feeling the theme here?), my amazing mother-in-law gave me a gift card to my favorite Knoxville boutique, Vals! I.was.stoked. In fact, I was SO excited, I raced over on my lunch break one day to shop because I just could not wait to thumb through all the gorgeous clothing. A little back story on Vals, I used to go fairly regularly back before getting married and buying a house. Funny how much extra money I had back then. lolz (of course I wouldn’t change a thing because marriage is the best!) With that said, going to Vals was a super treat and I was determined to get the most bang for my gift card buck.

Now that I’ve built up the suspense (at least if you’re still reading at this point), I present to you the hands down best jumper I’ve ever laid eyes on! I am pretty obsessed with the wide leg style and slight crop plus bows have my heart so the back is so pretty but I feel still classy. Also, for those of you who are not honorary members of the itty bitty titty committee, this jumper allows you to wear a bra even with the open back so that’s an added plus. I was actually able to wear this baby to work just throwing on a navy summer vest I already owned. There are just some pieces in your wardrobe that make you feel like a fashionista and this is one of those pieces.

Ladies, tell me if you have tried either the romper or jumper trend. Well I guess I should also let you guys chime in too since man rompers were a thing (is that still trend??) Also, if you have a funny story, feel free to share that as well! I love a good chuckle. 😉

If you are not from this area or just love to online shop, here is Vals website below and link to my jumper. I warn you it is a rabbit hole you will fall into and before you know it, you will have an entire new wardrobe and a bank account sweating bullets butttt it’s worth it because their inventory is the bomb dot com and the customer service is unbelievably incredible! I also just glanced and heavens to betsy there are a few new jumpers that are screaming my name! 🙂


Making a Statement Jumpsuit, Green